Inside the Learning Studio

Did you know select Destination Maternity superstores have Learning Studios inside? (Find a location near you.) Our Learning Studios offer a great selection of pre- and postnatal fitness and educational classes for moms and moms-to-be.

Meet Paolina, a prenatal Pilates instructor at our Madison Avenue Destination Maternity location. We recently chatted with Paolina about her love of teaching, techniques and why she loves working with moms-to-be in our Learning Studio.

prenatal pilates

 1.        What do you love about teaching prenatal fitness?

I love teaching prenatal fitness because I remember being afraid that after pregnancy I would never look good again. I felt out of control because there were so many changes, but when I exercised, I felt so much better. Pregnancy is a wonderful time when you can honor your strength as a woman and feel complete mastery over your body and what it can do.

2.        How did you come to teach prenatal fitness, specifically Pilates?

When I started teaching Prenatal Pilates, there was no such thing. In fact, there was a whole lineage of Pilates teachers who felt that pregnant women should not even try Pilates! But, I thought, “why in the world not?”  I figured out how I could do Pilates while I myself was pregnant – my favorite pieces of equipment are Big Balls for abdominal work, and Thera-Bands, which create resistance.

3.        What poses or exercises do moms-to-be enjoy most?             

“Mermaid” gives you a great side stretch. Sit on a big ball, legs apart and knees even with pinky toes; while keeping your weight even on your sit bones, stretch to the side, reaching one arm above the other arm. (Use a band between your arms to create tension.)

“Supermom” is a balance exercise, which has you sitting on a ball, lifting your arm straight in front of you while lifting the opposite leg as you exhale and brace your torso. Your body will feel steady and straight at the same time.

“Chest Expansion” has two people facing one another (each sitting on a ball); a Thera-Band is crossed in front with one band in each arm. Keeping the arms straight, pull the band to your side so that that it is level with the front of your ribs; you will feel the burn in your triceps, mid and lower traps and by keeping your spine still, your core.

4.      Why do you like teaching at the Destination Maternity Learning Studio?

It is one of the most creative ideas I can think of, and a great way to reach out and inspire people to work out! It is a wonderful surprise to the client if they go into Destination Maternity to buy maternity jeans, and then learn that there are amazing classes taught there.

Find a Destination Maternity Learning Studio location near you!

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