Outfit Ideas from Instagram’s Best Dressed #Momstobe

Starting the week off in style with fall outfit inspiration from expecting mom Arianna. Read along to recreate her look in maternity essentials for the season.


Photo: Instagram/ @arianna_danielson

Arianna proves why maternity sweaters are the season’s go-to in our Jessica Simpson Slit Maternity Tunic. This flowy turtleneck style is bump-flattering and a great choice for a fall outfit. An easy way to keep warm while staying fashionable, moms-to-be will love adorning a cozy maternity sweater this fall. From neutral to striped or cowl to cardigan, our maternity sweaters allow for room for your bump to grow, so you can wear them all fall long and throughout the chilly months ahead.

Comfortable and stylish and a mom-to-be favorite, leggings are another must-have trend for the season and the perfect pairing to a tunic or sweater.  In classic neutrals, playful prints, or faux leather, leggings are a maternity must-have you’ll be wearing all nine months and beyond.

With so many ways to outfit these pieces, this look will be on repeat throughout your pregnancy. Make sure to stock your wardrobe with these essentials for the season and shop more fall styles here.

Show us how you style your maternity favorites with the hashtag #thisisgoingtobefun!

Blogger Amber Massey Shares Her First Trimester Picks & Survival Tips


One of our favorite bloggers and a soon-to-be mom of FOUR, Amber Massey of PB+J Babes knows how to fashionably dress the bump! Having just entered her second trimester, we reached out for the maternity essentials she swears by and her tips for a cute and comfortable beginning to your pregnancy journey.


Guest Editor: Amber Massey of PB+J Babes

Being pregnant this third time around has been a whole new experience.  I’ve done this before a couple times, you know, so I should know what to expect.  But, it’s been so much different than my pregnancies with the girls! With the twins, as well as Baker, I had an easy breezy first trimester.  I was hardly sick and occasionally forgot I was actually pregnant, and while the exhaustion never ceased, it was manageable.  With this little boy in my belly I had morning, or more like evening or ALL DAY sickness.  I am so exhausted, too.  I basically slept on my face at night even with a two hour nap during the early afternoon every day.  It’s pretty weird how pregnancies can have your body react in such different ways. I’ve really accepted this time around that while I can control a lot of things in my life, but this isn’t one of them, so I’ve adapted a go-with-the-flow type mentality. With my first trimester recently rolling to a close, I thought I’d put together a short list of some of my favorite that have helped me get through those first 13 weeks.


Get moving, stay hydrated, + take your vitamins!

Invest in a good water bottle. I fill a large water bottle and I carry it everywhere. My OB suggested drinking 10 glasses of water or more every day and my giant bottle holds about 40 ounces, so I know if I re-fill my water bottle at least two times I am in good shape!  Not to mention what I am eating and drinking outside of water itself.

Saltine crackers. I was never without a sleeve of these crackers during the first trimester, and a short stack almost always kept my queasiness at bay. Almost.

Fruit. I always love fruit, but when I am pregnant it’s like we need an apple orchard and strawberry farm in the backyard to keep up!  A bowl of fresh fruit is hands down my favorite first trimester snack…okay, maybe my favorite pregnancy snack in general.

Activity tracker. Thankfully my sickness wasn’t in the morning when I am used to working out.  But even then, waking up extra early has been hard! Wearing an activity tracker has been a great thing to help keep an eye on my heart rate while working out but also to help keep me motivated to move throughout the day outside of boot camp.

Who doesn’t love a horse pill prenatal, am I right? As if your gag reflex isn’t already at its all-time high, you need to nearly choke on a large chunk of chalk. Ugh. I am a horrible pill taker in general, and took one for the team while I was pregnant with the twins. I hated life taking those giant prenatals … and when I was pregnant with Baker, I used the  Honest Company Prenatal Once Daily vitamin, and although it wasn’t the worst, I still couldn’t take it on an empty stomach.  I made a healthy habit of taking my vitamins after dinner before going to bed so that I slept through any stomach discomfort.  This time around I have decided that the gummy vitamin is the way to go. I also take an additional (gummy) calcium supplement. I’m still not convinced these gummies aren’t candy–a far cry from the horse pills!

I need support! … & a comfy pair of jeans.

Snoogle body pillow. The Snoogle body pillow has been a lifesaver. Up and having to quit sleeping on your back or stomach can be a real drag, especially if you’re that kind of sleeper- which I am a hard core stomach sleeper.  My belly is still small enough I can ALMOST get away with it… but I wake up so uncomfortable within an hour. This pillow is a must have. I swore by this pillow during my previous pregnancies- and when I was pregnant with the twins it took me until about mid-pregnancy to make the splurge.  That’s the best part about pregnancy the second and third time around–when you know better, you do better– all the little things you learn along the way add up for the next time around. The Snoogle pillow encompasses your entire body giving you back and tummy support. I love that it will last all pregnancy… and some time afterwards. If I’m being truthful- the hubby found out that I had pulled this puppy out from the darkness while he was at work and browsing through my social media. Basically sent me the crying emojis for three hours. Sorry hubby!


Speaking of support, I embraced maternity clothes much sooner this time around than I did with the other two pregnancies, and I am so glad I did! My belly is measuring almost 2 weeks larger than I actually should be. I fell in love with the comfort and style of Motherhood Maternity in my first pregnancy with the twins and again with Baker.  When you can find quality, comfort AND consistency in one place I totally can appreciate that.  I have several pairs of Motherhood Maternity jeans and have ventured over to the work style pants and chinos as well as leggings and workout gear.  I know exactly the size I need and shopping online has been easy.  I about DIED when I found these faux leather leggings in their collection.  FAUX LEATHER.  I will find every reason to wear these! Not to mention they are by their Jessica Simpson Maternity Collection, which has inadvertently become my favorite! I’ve also stocked up on the basics- casual hoodie to throw on with leggings, layering tees with all sleeve lengths to wear with sneakers and boyfriend jeans or dressed up with a quilted vest and booties for date night!  These styles will carry me through my entire pregnancy and beyond- looking comfortable and cute. It’s an easy way to stay comfortable but still cute while toting my going belly along.

So, I know those are just a few items, but truth be told the first 13 weeks aren’t riddled with many crazy life changes. I took that time to focus on sleeping and trying to eat when I could. It was back to basic survival skills with less of the fun stuff. What did you swear by in your first trimester?

You can shop Amber’s outfit below and all our maternity styles for a fashionable start to your pregnancy here.

V-neck Side Ruched Striped Maternity Tee // Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

The views expressed on this post represent those of the guest author and not of Motherhood Maternity.

Outfit Ideas From Instagram’s Best Dressed #Momstobe

Today’s maternity style inspiration from expecting mom Nina is the perfect combination of classic, chic and comfy.  Read along for style tips on dressing the bump this season and to recreate the look!


Photo: Instagram/ @lovexlemonade

Nina shows why leggings are a fall must-have in our Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Maternity Legging. Not only are leggings comfortable and a go-to for expecting women, but they are trendy too! In prints, colors or leather, leggings are a maternity must-have you’ll be wearing all nine months and beyond. Try a leather pair like Nina to add a touch of glam to your look.

Nina teamed up the leggings with a convertible sleeve top, a classic silhouette and a mom-to-be favorite. Choose a light blue hue like Nina or you can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt.  Nina finishes off the outfit with fashionable accessories including black leather boots, sunglasses and ties a neutral cardigan around her waist to emphasize her best accessory, her bump!

What are your favorite ways to style the bump? Show us how with the hashtag #thisisgoingtobefun! Make sure to check out our new styles here for more trendy pieces for the season.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy With These Scary Cute Halloween Maternity Tees!


Graphic tees are a fun way to make a style statement while celebrating the fact that you are expecting.  These soft maternity tees featuring flattering side-ruching and a scoop neck will be your go-to all month long and are perfect if you are looking for a seasonally fun way to announce your pregnancy. With playful Halloween sayings including “Mummy To Be” and “We’re Adding a Pumpkin To Our Patch,” these tops pair well with any maternity jean, bottom or legging. Shop a few of our favorites for the spooky season below and all of your graphic tees here.

Plus Size Pumpkin Patch Graphic Maternity Tee // Pumpkin Patch Graphic Maternity Tee // Mummy To Be Graphic Maternity Tee

Outfit Ideas from Instagram’s Best Dressed #Momstobe

We’re starting this week with our best bump forward showcasing fall outfit inspiration from expecting mom Alana.  Read along to recreate her classic fall style in bump-flattering maternity essentials for the season.


Photo: Instagram/ @ilovedenham

Alana shows why maternity jeans are a wardrobe essential for the mom-to-be and a fashion favorite for fall.  Alana starts her autumn ensemble in a pair of our dark wash jeans, a versatile choice for any occasion. Our new fall denim assortment includes maternity favorites and trends like skinny jeans, destructed, boyfriends and autumn-inspired hues, so you can choose a fit and wash that works for your personal style, and with our Secret Fit Belly® panel, they will comfortably hug your changing shape during all stages pre and post baby. For more on our exclusive and seamless panel, check out our blog post here.

Having comfortable basics like maternity tees and tanks are key to maternity style ease. Alana choose a white top, a classic and crisp choice that shows off the bump and pairs perfectly with jeans or leggings. These maternity must-haves also come in other neutrals, stripes and bold hues for the season and make for a great foundation for a layered look.

Alana finishes off her outfit with flannel, a go-to print for fall. Try the trend with a flannel shirt like Alana or be bold in a printed plaid dress.

Check out our new styles here for all of your fall outfits. What are your essentials for the season?

Your Guide To Fall Fashion

Now that fall is officially upon us, you may be wondering what to wear while staying comfortable and on-trend as the weather begins to cool. No need to fret; here’s our guide to get you started for a fashionable bump this season.


From weekday to weekend, a printed dress is a versatile option for the mom-to-be that works for any and every occasion.

A pair of leggings is an essential for the season. Make a statement in playful printed leggings. For an outfit that’s both cute and comfortable, wear with fall maternity must-haves like maternity tees and cardigans.

Fall means sweater weather! Try a Side Ruched Maternity Sweater, a bump-flattering wardrobe staple for the cooler months. In the maternity favorite, stripes, this sweaters works well for a casual day look and pairs perfectly with denim.

Florals continue to be a key trend this season. Embrace the trend with fresh new fall florals in blouses and tops that pair with any wash of maternity jeans.

You can shop these outfits and more for the season below and make sure to show us your fall style with the hashtag #thisisgoingtobefun!

Fall Maternity Styles

Faux Wrap Maternity Dress // Elbow Sleeve Legging Maternity Tee // Long Sleeve Open Front Maternity Cardigan // Secret Fit Belly Printed Maternity Legging // Long Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Sweater //  Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Rinse Skinny Maternity Jeans // Convertible Sleeve Button Detail Maternity Shirt // Secret Fit Belly Maternity Jeans


Outfit Ideas From Instagram’s Best Dressed #Momstobe

Today’s outfit inspiration from expecting mom Rachael, shows how to transition your favorite summer styles and maternity essentials for the fall. Read along for style tips for styling your bump this season and to recreate her outfit.


Photo: Instagram/ @rachaelburgessmusic

Rachael proves that with seasonal accessories and layers, tried-and-true staples can transition through any season. Wearing our Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Dress, Rachael showcases why this silhouette is a go-to for the expecting mom. A comfortable and versatile option, a Side Ruched Dress shows off your curves and truly embraces the bump. Rachael wears our black and white striped version but this bump-flattering staple comes in neutrals, prints, bold hues and colorful stripes, too!

Rachael gives this mom-to-be favorite style mileage with layering, a fall must-do! Layering can easily transform any outfit and will keep you warm as the weather cools. Try a sweater cardigan like Rachael and an anorak or jean jacket are great choices for a trendy touch.

Shop all our styles for fall here and make sure you share how you wear with the hashtag #thisisgoingtobefun. What are your favorite ways to show off the bump?

Beat Stretch Marks With basq: Co-Founder Lauren Parisier Shares Her Skin Care Secrets


When it comes to stretch marks, the question on every expecting mom’s mind is: What works? We turned to skin care expert Lauren Parisier, who along with Kelli Kenny, co-founded basq NYC, an effective, beautiful skin care line to repair damage and revitalize skin. At Motherhood Maternity, we carry exclusive aromas of their Body Boost by basq products, pregnancy specific body butters and oils designed to prevent and repair stretch marks. We asked Lauren for the best tips and tricks to fight stretch marks and improve skin condition and her answer is simple: start with a sugar scrub. Below, Lauren spills on the top three reasons to add an exfoliating sugar scrub to your skincare routine to aid and diminish marks.


Guest Editor: Lauren Parisier, Skin Care Expert & basq NYC Co-Founder

1 – FEELING ITCHY? That’s the sign of deeper damage that will show up a few months later as stretch marks.  Don’t Scratch!  Scratching only causes more damages to tender, over stretched skin.  Instead, try scrubbing. Our Body Boost Sugar Scrub gently sloughs away dry, dead skin for instant relief from itchy skin.

2 – FIGHT MARKS EARLY! Exfoliation triggers skin renewal.  As you slough, your skin goes into rebuild mode – building the Collagen and Elastin fibers that keep your skin stronger and more able stretch and rebound – instead of breaking and leaving stretch marks.  Our scrub, which comes in Lavender Vanilla and Milk & Honey aromas, nourishes as it smooths for deeper results.

3 – THE SECRET TO A BETTER BOUNCE BACK! Your body stretches all over during pregnancy and the skin on your legs, arms and backside can suffer from post-pregnancy sag.  A full body scrub twice a week helps your skin stay strong throughout the big stretch. Exfoliation pushes damage up and out for smoother skin texture, more even tone and saggy skin prevention.  Give your skin a head-to-toe boost and start early with the Body Boost Sugar Scrub. The payoff will be a better bounce back post-pregnancy!

You can shop all of our basq products here and this must-have sugar scrub here!

The views expressed on this post represent those of the author and not of Motherhood Maternity.

Outfit Ideas From Instagram’s Best Dressed #Momstobe

Fashionable yet easy maternity styles are always top-of-mind when expecting. This week’s maternity style inspiration from expecting mom Rachel shows how with staple maternity pieces, you can create a look that is anything but basic! Read along to recreate her outfit.


Photo: Instagram/ @cozychicmommy

The foundation of Rachel’s look is a pair of maternity jeans. Wearing our Secret Fit Belly Ankle Length Maternity Jegging, Rachel adds a trendy touch to her outfit in this dark wash destructed style. Just in time for fall, our new denim styles feature the latest trends and fits like boyfriend, destructed, skinny, autumn-inspired hues and with our patented Secret Fit Belly® panel, you’ll feel supported and comfortable without sacrificing your personal style. For more on the Secret Fit Belly, check out our blog post here.

The choices for a top that works with these jeans are endless! Rachel shows off the bump in staple stripes; a mom-to-be favorite! You can try the trend in a basic tee, tunic, or dress. Rachel chose a bump-flattering style in our Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Peplum Maternity Top.

When it comes to styling, accessories can transform your look from casual to dressy and speak to the season too. Rachel adds an autumn air to her ensemble with neutral booties and a pop of fun with a colorful statement necklace.

We love seeing your maternity style! Make sure you share what you wear with the hashtag #thisisgoingtobefun!



We know how important having a great pair of pants is in a woman’s wardrobe, especially the mom-to-be. Luckily, our selection of bottoms and maternity jeans provides comfort and confidence for moms-to-be without sacrificing personal style with our exclusive Secret Fit Belly® panel. Designed specifically to grow with you, this seamless and stretchy maternity panel can be worn up or down for custom support and coverage while comfortably hugging your belly during all stages pre-and-post pregnancy. Expecting moms can wear their go-to pants from the first trimester to after the baby arrives in pieces that are both fashionable and functional. With a bevy of new styles to choose from this fall featuring our Secret Fit Belly®, including maternity favorites like skinny jeans, leggings, flares, and crops,  you’ll always get the perfect fit. Shop these new styles and more in Motherhood Maternity stores and online.


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