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$200 Destination Maternity GiftcardHappy Halloween! Hope you are all having a great day with your trick-or-treaters! Thought I’d share the latest sweeps we are throwing here at Destination Maternity! We are excited to offer a $200 gift card so you can enjoy a maternity ensemble on us for the upcoming holidays. All you have to do is sign up to follow the blog and comment on this post what you’re craving the $200 for.  Please be sure to check the blog, post your comment and then share with your friends too, now through December 1!  Here’s to the start of the Holiday season! – Olivia

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67 Replies to “200 Reasons to Follow Our Blog”

  1. I am so thankful to have found Motherhood Maternity! Only a couple hours ago I was so distressed over trying to find jeans that actually fit that I was about to give up all hope. Then by accident I happened upon this store in the mall. Saved so much stress! A great selection, good prices and helpful staff! Thank you!!

    I am now craving the $200 for not only jeans but holiday wear. Being a first time mother is exciting and I hope to look fabulous for the upcoming Christmas parties that my husband and I are going to be attending. 🙂

  2. Just bought my first pair of maternity pants and they are so comfy! Saw some beautiful clothing at the store. It would be great to win the $200 an start building my maternity wardrobe! I’m due April 2015! Thanks for the awesome sweepstakes!

  3. I wasnt sure where to write this… but I just needed to tell somebody and now this seems like the perfect place… I went to a Destination Maternity in Brookfield, WI this weekend and I had the most amazing experience. I’m 6 months pregnant and had been looking at department stores for maternity clothes. And every time I went, I felt defeated and terrible about myself. I even would begin to resent being pregnant. I thought i was going to be doomed to look frumpy, and matronly and out of style. But, I cried happy tears (thanks hormones!) after leaving the store with 10 new outfits. The staff was so attentive, offering me juice and water. And they also had a very clean and comfortable bathroom – which is SO important to us preggos. Anyway – I love to give credit when credit is due… not enough people hear when a job is well done. I will always suggest this store to any pregnant woman I know. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. I absolutely love the secret fit belly leggings and wear them almost daily! I’d love to use the gift certificate to buy a maternity dress for my company’s holiday party. Thank you!

  5. 24 weeks and just beginning to finally pop!! Saying good-bye to my favorite jeans is hard, but I’m excited to shop for new ones and mix & match tops! ♡ Winning $200 would be amazing!

  6. I’m low on cash, I can’t afford good maternity clothes and when I do get some their hand me downs from other pregnant friends of mine and I’d like to have my own money to buy my own stuff and than donate them later on after pregnancy to those in need and they won’t go without like I have too..

  7. I am craving the $200 for some winter essentials. This is my second pregnancy. Last time I was pregnant through the summer; needless to say, those tank tops aren’t going to do much good in freezing temps.

  8. I would love to win the $200 gift card so that I can use it to buy some new nursing bras and nursing tank tops. These are a must for me since I’m exclusively breastfeeding!

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