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$200 Destination Maternity GiftcardHappy Halloween! Hope you are all having a great day with your trick-or-treaters! Thought I’d share the latest sweeps we are throwing here at Destination Maternity! We are excited to offer a $200 gift card so you can enjoy a maternity ensemble on us for the upcoming holidays. All you have to do is sign up to follow the blog and comment on this post what you’re craving the $200 for.  Please be sure to check the blog, post your comment and then share with your friends too, now through December 1!  Here’s to the start of the Holiday season! – Olivia

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67 Replies to “200 Reasons to Follow Our Blog”

  1. With those $200 I am craving a beautiful dress that I can wear to my friends wedding. She is getting married a week after my due date & I highly doubt that my body will transform into a perfect Barbie form by then. I know it doesn’t matter but I feel huge already so I would love to feel sexy and at the same time not feel bad about eating a piece of cake .. Or two. Therefore I am craving a Cinderella story with a happy ending that includes cake. 🙂

  2. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with our first child and my husband and I could not be more thrilled! I too have a blog where I focus on fashion, fitness and healthy food options. I can not wait for my bump to start showing! Your clothes are so cute and trendy they will be perfect to feature on my blog! #BumpStyle

  3. I am craving the $200 for maternity clothes, especially sweaters and pants now that it has gotten colder and especially so because I will be my largest in January when the little pumpkin is due.

  4. I would love to win the $200 gift to dress up my new bump. With being a stay at home mommy to my 1 year old daughter, I don’t dress up often. I would love the chance to win an new ensemble for the holidays. This is a perfect time of year for some new clothes to show off my holiday bump!!

  5. This $200 would be amazing! I need nursing lounge wear and also some maternity clothes for work. I rotate only 3 outfits that I can wear to work.

  6. After searching for months, I finally found a maternity store 2.5 hours away from me. I traveled there to finally find clothes that fit this 17 week baby belly! I am in deseperate need of more!

  7. I’d love to win this gift card because I’m only 22 weeks along and still have a ways to go…gotta get some cute outfits for the holidays and to get through some work presentations!

  8. I am craving that gift card so I can get a new outfit for this baby that’s taking over so I can go take some pictures.

  9. I am a surrogate who is currently 14 weeks pregnant with TWINS! Unfortunately much of my first trimester has been ‘nauseating’ but I hope in the coming weeks to be feeling much better and would love to win the $200 to dress this growing bump!

  10. I am a Surrogate and currently 14 weeks pregnant with TWINS! My first trimester has been ‘nauseating’ but I’m hoping to feel better in the coming weeks and would love to win the $200 to dress my ever-growing bump!

  11. I’m craving a gorgeous new maxi and turtle neck set for my up-and-coming New Years Eve family dinner that’s gonna be at my newly remodeled home for the first time. I’m super nervous, but a new outfit will definitely add some confidence!!

  12. I’m craving a gorgeous new maxi and turtle neck set for my up-and-coming New Years Eve family dinner that’s gonna be at my newly remodeled home for the first time. I’m super nervous, but a new outfit will definitely add some confidence!! My munchkinette..lol, is due in July!! I can’t wait to be a mommy!

  13. I love all your dresses. I have 5 dresses, 1 pants and 2 blouses that I bought in your web site. I have a baby who born in march 2014 and now I am pregnant again with 17 weeks.
    Your dresses are beautifull and every people says that I look really awesome and chick.

  14. I am craving the $200.00 gift card so I can purchase some new nursing bras and shirts for our second baby boy who is due in January!

  15. It would be such a blessing to win the $200 gift card. My husband and I had our daughter last March and are hoping to get pregnant again soon…which would mean a summer baby! 😊 The extra 200 would help in buying some summer clothing since all I have are sweaters! Lol

  16. I need new pants, a jacket that actually closes and some sweaters for the Christmas season! Too small for most mat clothes but still worth it, even just to but $200 worth of tumy creams ❤

  17. I’m craving a winter coat!!! I love the fit of your clothes and the coats are perfect and warm enough for our cold Washington winter. I’d love to take home the prize!

  18. Today I went into your store and bought two bras, which I can actually wear as hats since my breasts have grown so large. I am not sure two bras are enough, especially since I am only 14 weeks and I imagine they will continue to grow. I would love that $200!

  19. What a great giveaway!!! I would really love this gift card!!! As a first time mom-to-be I’m still trying to figure out how to dress my bump warmly (and in style) for this cold winter weather in Toronto!!

    1. HI Jennifer-

      Congratulations- you are the winner! Please look for an email shortly! 🙂

      -Destination Maternity

  20. I would LOVE to win the $200. I’m stuck on Vancouver island with a lack of anything good maternity wise and would certainly use it to head to Motherhood on 4th ave!

  21. I am craving the $200 to start dressing my bump, this is our first and all I hae ate hand me down maternity clothes. I would love to get a few items of my own!

  22. What am I craving for 200$ well lemme explain!! In the past 6 months with a lot of hard work. Such as eating healthier, no more soda..lol, and walking 2 miles every morning. I’ve managed to loose 40lbs. I gained 35lbs during my pregnancy with my daughter 1 yr and 1 month ago. Now that I have a slimmer, healthier body, I still have a ton of clothes that are to big, and my style needs to be revamped, to match the self confident smaller me!! I really want to go to the Christmas family dinner with my new thinner self, wearing an amazing outfit. The 200$ would get me that outfit!! A gorgeous knock out outfit to wear would be thee best reward for my hard work!! I can’t wait to see their faces!! I’ll be crossin’ my fingers for sure!!

  23. I love Motherhood Maternity, so winning this $200 gift card for the holidays would be handy! I would buy a denim/chambray tunic to go with leggings and boots, and maybe a dress or two.

  24. Honestly, I want to win this because 1.) Im down on luck and it seems I cant catch a break 😦 2.) I had a baby in March of this year who I nurse. I was in one of your stores tonight and the sales associate was extremely helpful by the way (she helped me determine that I am now in a 40E bra). Anyway, I dont have any nursing tanks and my nursing bras keep wearing out. I had to quit my job due to family health issues which makes it pretty much Impossible to buy myself nursing bras and tanks as needed. So, if I were to win it would be used on nursing bras, tanks, etc so I can continue nursing comfortably without having to fight a regular bra. Tonight was my first time in your stores and i am in love with the nursing bras that you have to offer!! Winning this would mean a lot because I want to succesfully and comfortably continue to breastfeed. Thank you! 🙂

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