Maternity Styling Tips

Maternity Styling TipsThought I’d share some of my secret maternity styling tips today. I can never talk enough about the pros of investing in maternity wear during your pregnancy, but it’s also important to know how to actually make all of the pieces work for you to create the right looks that highlight your new figure. Getting proportion correct in an outfit is key, no matter your shape. Whether you have a degree in fashion design or not, I’m sure you’ve figured out how to accentuate your best features and minimize others. As for me, I have a longer waist with shorter legs. I try to create the illusion of height by wearing tops and jackets that sit slightly higher than my hips to create a longer leg line. My bestie is super petite, so she always looks for dresses and skirts that fall a few inches above her knee to give her that length. When you become pregnant, your proportion changes and you lose your natural waistline. But, by following a few simple tricks, you can balance out your bump and get a nice long and lean silhouette that actually flatters your new curves.

First, layers are a must! When I became pregnant with my son, I realized that I didn’t feel put-together unless I was wearing a few pieces to finish my look. A jacket, cardigan or blazer works to make you look polished. When left open or unzipped, layers also help create a nice vertical line from your chin to the floor. In essence, it makes you look slimmer and taller… which is win-win in my book.Another trick to creating a lean look is opting for a long necklace. One that falls just above your bump without hitting it is another way to create that vertical long and lean line. Side ruching, whether on a tee or dress, can also enhance your bump and is especially form flattering since it hugs your back and gives a nice shape from behind. Don’t forget the beauty of the Secret Fit Belly® panel, which not only smooths and supports, but also allows you to wear fitted tops with no “bump lines.”

Another great lesson I learned dressing so many pregnant women over the years is the importance of choosing the right shoe. At a certain point many women are not opting for heels, and neither did I the last few weeks. But I did find that shoes with a little support and a tiny heel were not only easy on my feet, but also gave me a little lift that I loved. Try a mid- heel bootie for fall. Accessories can really help to complete a maternity style! A scarf gives a pop of color which I always suggest; plus, it similarly creates that nice long line like a necklace. And a midsize bag is the way to go with your new figure as well. An oversized bag seems too clunky when you are pregnant and a tiny bag too small, so look for a medium structured bag.

Lastly, I know it may be hard to believe, but prints and patterns can be your friend, even when you are sporting a bump! In a small dose like from an accessory or even in a dress, go with a print that is not too large and not too abstract. Just like a midsize bag, a medium scale print in only 2 or 3 colors can conceal and enhance your figure at the same time. It’s really magic! Hope some of these tips come in handy when you are dressing your fabulous new baby bump! – Happy styling, Olivia

1 Maternity Cardigan // 2 Long Necklace // 3 Maternity Ruched Tee // 4 Secret Fit Belly® Maternity Jeans // 5 Booties // 6 Maternity Scarf // 7 Maternity Belt // 8 Cute Tote

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