Daddy + Baby Bonding Ideas

bobgreyI had to share this photo of my husband, Bob, and our almost two-year-old son, Greyson, from our trip to the zoo last weekend. I knew immediately I caught a very special moment between father and son that our family will be glad to have commemorated. They have shared a bond from the beginning and I’ve loved seeing it grow over the past two years.

I remember the first few months of Grey’s life. While I catered to most of his physical needs, as a new dad, my husband was not as sure of his role. Together we realized the importance of being prepared, supporting mom, and just being open. We took an Infant Care Class which provided Bob with helpful tips to comfort his newborn. He learned to be supportive without being pushy as a co-parent and continues to let Grey lead when it comes to how they spend their free time together. He’s an amazing dad and judging by this photo, Grey agrees! Here’s to all of the great dads and dads-to-be! -Olivia

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