Tips for Getting Gorgeous Maternity Portraits

Guest Editor: Martha Lynn Kale, Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger

A maternity photo-shoot can be a special way to commemorate your pregnancy. I love the natural and elegant portrait session of Austin based beauty blogger Martha Lynn Kale, so I asked her to share her best tips for getting photos you are sure to love. Martha, who is expecting her second child, incorporated her toddler son into the session, which I thought was both touching and a wonderful way to ensure your first child feels included. Read on for Martha’s tips on how to achieve your own gorgeous maternity portraits!012_20150603_MLK

Photo: Melissa Glynn Photography

As told by Martha:

There are three things that are most important for a maternity shoot: the photographer, lighting and outfit. My photographer, Melissa Glynn, is the photographer that shoots most of the content for my blog. I love what she does and am comfortable working with her; that’s key when choosing a photographer.

I wanted a bright and airy feel so we started in my bedroom because the lighting was great. We also shot in the nursery, which is mostly empty and has a great window with tons of natural light. My son Ford loves playing around in the baby’s room, so I knew he’d be in a good mood for the shoot, which is important too!

Choose an outfit that suits your style! The inner child in me has always wanted to wear a flower crown, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity and Margot Blair Floral absolutely knocked it out of the park. I went with all white to play up the flowers and this bohemian top from A Pea in the Pod was exactly what I envisioned!

004_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography018_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography022_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography029_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography024_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography026_20150603_MLKPhoto: Melissa Glynn Photography

Some additional things to consider for your maternity portraits are:

Know what you like. I think knowing what you don’t like in a maternity shoot is just as important as knowing what you do like. Consider creating a secret Pinterest board for you and your photographer to toss around ideas.

Make it mirror your personality. If you aren’t a very serious person, then don’t plan for an overly serious shoot! If it suits your personality you will feel the most comfortable and that will show in the photos.

Trust your photographer and be open to their ideas. Melissa talked me into doing a few classic shots featuring the belly, which I didn’t think I would like.  But of course I absolutely loved them and am so glad we did it.

Don’t wait too late! I broke this rule and waited a little too late (mostly because I couldn’t commit,) but I would recommend doing the shoot once you are fully showing, but before you get to the bitter end and start feeling super uncomfortable!

Hope these tips help to inspire your own maternity photo-shoot! -Martha

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