The Perfect Summer Shower: Throw A BabyQ!

Jill, who you’ll recognize from our Style Solutions for Your First Trimester post and We’re Expecting Too, threw an adorably themed BabyQ for her co-ed baby shower.  Co-ed baby showers are becoming a trend and are a great way to include your partner and even more family and friends in the celebration. Read on for her tips for throwing a shower that is perfect for the season and that EVERYONE is sure to enjoy!
20035753732_307cb02332_oFrom Jill:

Since I planned to have my baby shower in July and outdoors, the BabyQ theme was a perfect fit! Getting to celebrate with Ryan, my husband, who is so excited for our little guy’s impending arrival, was extremely special. Plus, having our closest friends and family together to celebrate was an amazing feeling! We received parenting tips and advice from our loved ones, in addition to many awesome gifts, and we feel more ready than ever for the arrival of our little man!19855488128_59fca3a18c_kDSC0137319422569183_dc1f707792_kTips for throwing a great co-ed party:

Keep it Casual: For an outdoor party, having a low key atmosphere is key especially during the summer! A tent to keep cool, plus plenty of outdoor seating so guests can relax in the shade is a must. Also, scrap the traditional baby games and offer more casual games, such as horse shoes, and KanJam. Good music is essential too! A playlist suitable for all ages with a variety of music genres keeps everyone happy!

Go with Simple Backyard Barbeque Food + Decor: Nothing says BBQ more than gingham tables cloths and brisket! Our table linens were a mix of red and blue gingham with a few bandanas thrown in for good measure. We kept to a simple menu of brisket, bbq chicken, and pulled pork and presented appetizers and desserts on galvanized serve wear in keeping with the rustic theme. Sunflower arrangements completed the rustic chic feel of the decor.

Add a Memorable Touch: We displayed photos of my husband and I as children on a vintage wooden screen we found at an antique store and had vintage letter blocks scattered throughout the tables. Guests really enjoyed this touch and we had a blast taking the time to look through and select the photos!

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