Kid Friendly Miami Hotspots

Guest Editor: Kathy Buccio, Freshly Squeezed Fashionista

Running around after a three year old while pregnant can be exhausting; but, nothing gets me more excited than spending time with Maya and seeing the world through her eyes. And when I’m not shopping for some maternity fashion must-haves at Destination Maternity (seriously, it can be addicting), I’m exploring our new city with my mini me! We settled in downtown Miami, and are so fortunate to be minutes away from the beach and all these cool neighborhoods that offer kid-friendly amenities that are actually fun for parents too! My freelance schedule has made it so remarkably amazing to carve out quality time with my number one girl, and now with Rocco making his appearance in just a few short weeks, I’m looking forward to doing some adventuring with the other man in my life! Here are some of my favorite ‘Miami hotspots’ that happen to be kid friendly too!Wearing: A Pea in the Pod Spaghetti Strap Lace Maternity Maxi // Photo Credit: Simply Captivating Photography

Wearing: A Pea in the Pod Spaghetti Strap Lace Maternity Maxi // Photo: Simply Captivating Photography


Wynwood Kitchen: Enjoy some pretty epic art (Shepard Fairey’s artwork is featured on a mural in the restaurant’s outdoor space) and good Latin-influenced food at this restaurant in Wynwood, Miami’s bustling art district. Coco and I like this one the best because it’s enclosed inside the Wynwood Walls, which features art work from street artists from around the world. Coco and I get to enjoy some wine while Maya runs around and tumbles in the grassy area. It’s a win win.

Visa-01: It’s the best-kept secret (well, not anymore) when it comes to authentic and delicious pizza in Miami. Located inside an office building off Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, we love coming here with Maya because she gets to have her own personal pan-sized pizza while we get to enjoy some of the restaurant’s top winners like the Star Luca (with Ricotta cheese) and the Federica pizza (mushrooms, artichokes, and black olives). The pizza is worth the wait in this 10-table establishment!

Bunnie Cakes: We can’t talk about kid-friendly spots without mentioning sweets! We live dangerously close to Bunnie Cakes, a colorful little vegan sweets shop (also gluten-free if you need it) that is every kid’s dream! They were featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, and everything from their red velvet cupcakes to their homemade Oreo cookies are made fresh! Maya loves to lick the icing off their mini cupcakes and we just take a seat in one of their doll-like pink chairs inside their ‘pretty in pink’ space! It’s a great spot for some mommy and me time!Photo Credit:

Photo: Suna Photography


The Beach: Miami has some of the best beaches in the U.S, and lucky for us, it’s right in our backyard. When we moved to Miami, the first thing we did was sign Maya up for swim classes and now we can’t get her to stop swimming!

Play- In: Adventure seekers like little Miss Maya, can pop inside Play-In, the indoor playground right in the heart of Wynwood. Everyday they have open play, and with the price of admission, kids can also enjoy art classes, yoga, and even some unexpected fun on the zip line. I love watching Maya run around, climb the slides, and jump in the trampoline, while she makes friends (and I get to sit and relax for a bit)!

Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre: The Miracle Theater in Coral Gables has an outstanding kid theater program, that offers different kid-friendly productions like Charlotte’s Web, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Maya loves the shows. They’re only an hour long, which is perfect for a child’s attention image

Photo: Instagram / @freshlysqueezedfashionista


Baby Love Luna: This Miami based online shop is my latest obsession! I’ve stocked up on essentials for Rocco and Maya. They carry brands like Tiny Cottons, Children of the Tribe, Perfectly Baked, and Nununu, which is not something you find at local kid boutiques here.

Tutti Bambini: Besides offering baby concierge services and a photo studio (stay tuned for my newborn session in September), they carry all the essentials for new parents. They also offer newborn classes, CPR classes, and sleep training classes for new moms.

The Children’s Exchange: Kids outgrow everything -from toys to clothes – and then you’re left with the burden of what to do with all this gear you are never going to use again, and that’s where the Children’s Exchange comes in. They consign baby gear like strollers (that’s where I consigned my old Uppa Baby), car seats, toys, and they also take clothing from newborn to tweens. When your merchandise sells, you can either get payment in the form of a store credit or a check!Kid friendly Miami spotsMIAMI ESSENTIALS

Maclaren Stroller: It is hands down the best travel stroller because it’s sturdy, it’s easy to maneuver, and even easier to break down, especially with one hand. I use it religiously with Maya and it has traveled with us all over the world! And as a shower gift, my best friend and sister-in-law (Rocco’s future godparents) gifted us with the double Maclaren. I can’t wait to put that baby to good use!

Beco Baby Carrier: We carried Maya all over the city in her baby carrier, and Rocco will be no exception. What I love about the Beco is that it has back support, and that’s important to both Coco and I. It’s versatile, it gives you that close physical connection with your baby, and it allows you to be hands free while you do so. I can’t wait to take Rocco all around Miami in his carrier!

Skip Hop Backpack Diaper Bag: It’s all about the backpack when it comes to diaper bags. I’m all about the three C’s- Chic, Convenient, and Comfortable and the Skip Hop backpack diaper is all about convenience. There’s none of that falling off the shoulder dilemma when you have a shoulder bag, and that works great for some parents, but for me, I’m all about ease and accessibility. The backpack is travel-friendly and again, it allows you to be hands-free so you don’t have to juggle carrying baby and diaper bag simultaneously.

Chewbeads Pacifier Holders: Here is one thing that was not fun when Maya started using pacifiers- playing the whole “where did the pacifier go?” guessing game. Once I discovered the pacifier clip holders, my parenting life changed! I swear by them. I’ve stocked up on a few from Chew Beads for Rocco. They’re cute, practical (they glow in the dark) and 100% silicone. No more pacifier ‘hide and seek’ for us!

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