The Mom Diaries: Tackling the Big Boy Bed

We recently took the plunge and transitioned my son Grey into a toddler bed. The first few nights in his big boy bed took a little getting used to for all of us! The practical piece of the switch was relatively easy; we have the Built to Grow crib by Young America and all you need to do is remove the front to convert it to a bed. Letting go of the crib he spent the first two years of his life in, however, was much harder… for me! He is no longer a baby and while I love sharing new experiences with him, I also wish time would stop. To cope with it better, I try focusing on our sweet routine of reading books before naptime and bedtime, which means I’ll have these new memories with him to cherish.Olivia_Grayson_CribThe first few nights in his big boy bed was an adjustment naturally for him as well; he woke a few times and I’d find his little face next to my bed. After a few days of me promptly returning him to bed and comforting him for a few minutes, he is now sleeping through the night alone.

How did the move from crib to bed go for you and your toddler? -Olivia

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