The Style Editrix’s Must-Haves for First-Time Mommas

Guest Editor: Ashley Fultz, Fashion + Lifestyle blogger at TheStyleEditrix.comashley fultz the style editrix

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Fultz

Hey guys it’s Ashley Fultz here from the fashion and lifestyle blog,  I am now six months pregnant with my first baby; we are expecting a little boy this December!  It’s beyond exciting to think about welcoming a little one into the world, but also overwhelming at the same time.  There is so much to think about from how we want to feed him, teach him and what we will need when we bring him home from the hospital.  I am a big researcher and lover of blogs and google so I have been searching high and low for the best products and things that I’ll need for my baby-to-be!  I wanted to share my top five picks so far, so you guys can shop them too.  Would love to know if you have any other faves that we (the new mommy community) need to know about!   Let me know in the comments below.  I love sharing and comparing info!  Happy shopping!Must haves for first time moms the style editrix1.  The first things I wanted to buy when I found out I was pregnant were books about babies and for new moms.  My favorite so far is Bringing Up Bebe.  I am really interested in sleep training and how to go about it all, and this book is the French take on raising a healthy and happy baby.

2.  In terms of baby gear, I have been most obsessed with figuring out the best car seat and stroller combo.  I definitely want a car seat that hooks into the stroller to make it easiest on me in terms of weight, getting around, etc.  Next I want something with a sleek modern design, all black, super safe and not a million dollars!  After several recommendations from my mom friends, I decided to go with the Nuna Pipa Car Seat and Nuna Mixx Stroller.  They actually just came this week and I cannot wait to use them!

3.  Another piece of gear my mommy friends and blogs are telling me is a must-have is a baby carrier, and not one, but two, because once you adjust the straps for mom and dad you want to keep them that way instead of sharing one carrier between the parents.  Two that I have picked up are the Lillebaby 6-in-1 Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Organic Carrier.

4.  All of the moms I have talked to tell me to try and not go crazy buying baby gear before the baby arrives. Instead I should wait and see what I will want and need once we have him or her at home. They say of course, get the staples like a crib and bed and car seat, etc, but don’t feel like you need it all or you really will be overwhelmed, which I was!  One thing I know I will use and just got, is this super high-tech seat for the baby called the MamaRoo. It is a great thing for the baby to sit and sleep in anywhere in the house and there are several speeds and motions that are options on the seat.  So cool!

5.  And of course, you can’t bring the baby home from the hospital naked, so you will want a beautiful gown (boy or girl in my opinion, because you want easy access for diaper changing) and a little blanket to match!  My favorite that I just registered for is this Little Giraffe Starter Set that includes the cutest cap!  Their stuff is seriously so soft and plush!

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