Oakland A’s Eric Sogard on Family, Fatherhood + Baby #2

Soon-to-be mother of two Kaycee Sogard, whose maternity style we often covet via Instagram, has given us a glimpse into her life via her blog Cordially, Kaycee, including snapshots of her beautiful growing family.  You may know her husband Eric as a second baseman for the Oakland Athletics. We don’t often get to hear about pregnancy from a dad’s perspective so we asked Kaycee if she could get Eric to share his experience. He graciously took the time and we are so glad he did! Read on for our full interview and get this doting dad and husband’s POV on everything from fatherhood, family and preparing for the birth of baby#2!

KAYCEE 4Eric, Saydee and Kaycee (wearing Isabella Oliver Ruched T Shirt Dress) // Photo: Corinne McCombs Photography 

From Eric:

I was extremely excited when we found out Kaycee was pregnant again. Our daughter Saydee has been such a blessing to our lives and knowing another one is on the way can only bring more joy. Growing our family will certainly add to the craziness, but along with all of that come new experiences and new joys just as there were with our first. We know we will always love our children to the fullest and I think the challenge will be continuing to give Saydee the attention she needs, since she is so used to everything revolving around her. Being sure to involve her in activities with the newborn will keep her from feeling on the back burner since babies need so much attention and care.

How do you find balance between your career and family? Finding a balance between baseball and family can be a challenge at times. Once the season starts, it is 7 months of playing daily with off days often used for traveling. I make sure to be with my family as much as possible when I am away from the baseball field.  I may only get a short period of time each morning or after games at night so I make sure to give them my love and attention no matter how exhausted I can be at times. The off season is a special time for me because I am able to spend every day with my family, and it helps make up for the time spent away during the season.

Sports is obviously a huge part of your life. How does or will sports influence your children? Sports will always be a large part of our lives as a family because of what they have provided for us. We will encourage our children to play sports as they grow because of the great life lessons you learn doing so. Lessons of teamwork, working to improve yourself, giving your best and being a good sport after any outcome are a few of the many lessons I have learned while playing sports, and I want our kids to have the same experiences. I also look forward to coaching and being on the field with my children.

KAYCEE 5Photo: Corinne McCombs Photography 

What advice would you give to other dads? The best advice I can give to other dads is to be active with your kids. It’s so easy nowadays to sit on the couch and watch TV or browse your phone while your child sits there playing  with their toys. Getting down there with them to teach and play with them is so rewarding. Kids’ minds are like sponges and I’m always amazed at how much I can teach Saydee and how quickly she learns.  Not to mention how much fun we have doing it together. There’s truly nothing better than seeing your little one smile and laugh.

What’s your favorite part of being a dad? My favorite part of being a dad is just having the honor to care, protect and teach my beautiful daughter. It has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on that sweet little face each day. No matter how your day or week has been, being able to come home to a beautiful face running at you yelling “Daddy!” will instantly put you in a great mood. Saydee constantly reminds me of what is really important in my life.

KAYCEE 3Photo: Corinne McCombs Photography 

Any thoughts on preparing for the actual birth/hospital experience? I think just going in and understanding that anything can happen is the most important thing.  The doctors and nurses are there to help everything go as smoothly as possible and teach you along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have. You will usually be at the hospital for 3 or so days so pack a bag ahead of time with what you will need to be comfortable so you can grab and go when the time comes. Oh, and try and get some rest beforehand! You never know how long you will be waiting for the excitement to happen, and the first few nights will be exhausting while learning and caring for your new bundle.

How do you support Kaycee throughout this exciting time? I do anything I can to support Kaycee throughout this time. Especially with a little one already running around, taking care of her and giving my wife time to relax is something I know she really appreciates. I think growing a baby is an amazingly beautiful process but she may not always enjoy her body growing, and I know sometimes she might feel as though she has a beer belly rather than a baby belly. I make sure she always knows how beautiful she looks and give her the love and affection she needs to feel as beautiful as she looks.

2 Replies to “Oakland A’s Eric Sogard on Family, Fatherhood + Baby #2”

  1. Great to hear Eric’s perspective

    I have to agree with one of his final comments- it’s important to let pregnant women hear “You look great today” regularly for s little morale boost THAT might be JUST what was needed at that moment !

    You’ve got a beautiful family, buddy… You’re truly blessed!

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