3 Genius Ways To Wear The Boyfriend Jean

Guest Editor: Catherine Sheppard, stylist + blogger at The Life Styled

I’ve been following Catherine Sheppard’s blog and Instagram account FOREVER. As a lead stylist and fashion influencer, it’s safe to say she knows how to put an outfit together! Her GLAM yet EGDY look is everything, so when she announced she was expecting a few months ago, I knew we had to work together! I asked Catherine to share some of her top tips for getting mileage out of one of my favorite jeans of the season: The Boyfriend.

From Catherine:

Photos: Courtesy of Catherine Sheppard

Laid Back Luxe

One thing I’ve been trying to do more of during pregnancy is relax and release myself from some of the usual pressure I put on myself, like trying to get so much done in a day. I’ve allowed myself to do more things that sound fun to me, to avoid letting work or To-Do lists stress me out. I love to take a few minutes to just lie around and watch videos on my iPad or shop for baby clothes online (one of my favorite ways to pass time these days.) These jeans are already laid back by nature (not to mention SO comfortable,) so they naturally go great with a soft tee or terry maternity sweatshirt like this one. It’s such a comfy outfit to relax in. But, it’s just as easy to throw on a necklace with it, run out the door and still look cute.

Photos: Courtesy of Catherine Sheppard

Weekend Vibes

It’s been so hot in LA, so layering is definitely not an option right now. That’s why I love how this striped maternity tee dresses up ripped jeans and gives it a layered look with the extra faux-layer of fabric at the bottom. It makes me feel more put together without needing to put more effort into styling the outfit. A pair of studded flats elevate the look and make it perfect for a lunch date or a day of errands.

Photos: Courtesy of Catherine Sheppard

City Chic

Nothing gets me more excited than fall blazers and jackets! Since I’m due in mid-October, I’ll be pretty big for some of the fall season, but I love how this ponté maternity jacket can accommodate both a third trimester belly and also take me beyond pregnancy. Clothes that can work both during and post-partum are magic to me. This jacket pairs so well with jeans and a black or white tee, and I’ll surely be wearing it all the way to next spring. I dressed it up with some chunky heels (comfortable enough to get away with during pregnancy) to give it more of a city feel. It’s comfy and cozy, yet totally put together for any fall outing.

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