Blogger Itsy Bitsy Indulgences on Quelling First Time Mama Fears

Guest Editor: Shannon Pulsifer of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was in a state of shock. My husband and I had just returned from a two week trip to Europe less than 24 hours prior. I remember feeling so faint, but wasn’t sure if it was major jetlag or something bigger. And surprise… it was!

Being a first time mom, I had no clue what to expect. I immediately became nervous that my running routine would shake the baby or that my yoga sequences would somehow squish her. Of course, my doctor reassured me that none of these fears were plausible.itsy bitsy 2

Photo: Courtesy of Shannon Pulsifer

As each simple fear was assuaged by the doctor, my thoughts became focused on the future. Having been a married couple for 5 years, and having immensely enjoyed our time together, I became fearful of how my husband and I would navigate the changes when our little bundle of joy arrived. Would we still be able to travel? Would we be too tired for date nights? I found that talking through these fears with my husband lessened the worry and we have come to the conclusion that a happy marriage will provide a happy and secure home for our little girl.

Being a first time mom has made me feel like a magnet for advice, which can often be overwhelming with all the different opinions on topics like sleeping, breastfeeding and birthing options. I have come to appreciate all moms’ perspectives, but have settled into the fact that my husband and I will raise our daughter based on our beliefs and lifestyle.

Photos: Courtesy of Shannon Pulsifer

I find it fascinating how much work goes into preparing for a little being we have yet to meet! The fact that I have so much love for her already amazes me. I’ve found that there are a few areas of focus when preparing for a baby:

Nursery: I really wanted to create a space where she will feel safe and cozy…and where I will enjoy early morning feedings. I’ve scoured Pinterest since it’s a great place for nursery inspiration.

Education: We’ve attended the birthing classes and I’m not sure if they made me feel more prepared or more terrified?!? However, I feel that the more informed I am, the better the choices I can make. I will be taking a breastfeeding course and my husband is going to be taking a “Daddy Boot-Camp”. I’ve purchased books on sleeping and eating too.

Baby Essentials: A piece of advice a friend gave to me is to purchase a package of diapers each time I go to the store, that way it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Maybe equally as important is the little wardrobe I have been cultivating for her along with the library of children’s’ books we hope to read to her nightly.

I’m sure I’ve missed so many things, but I guess that’s what the journey of parenthood is all about: trial and error, trying your very best, trusting one another and having fun while you go!

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