The Mom Diaries: Finding Your #MomSquad

Finding your #momsquad AKA a dependable network of like-minded mamas that support you, that you can vent to, or kick back and have girls night with when you need it most is crucial, especially as a new mom. For me, finding that group has taken a bit of time and is a mix of neighbors, besties, colleagues and acquaintances. Read on to find out the important role each play in my life and why my #momsquad has become my everything!
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The Bestie: If she has kiddos the same age as yours, it’s like the gold card of friendship; you just click immediately. She is there when I need to vent; is always ready to chat about the latest and greatest in baby gear and gives me the support I need when the real deal of life with a toddler is a lot to handle.

The Meet-Up Mama: Meet-ups, plus local play and mom groups are a great place to meet this member of the #momsquad. Not only does my kiddo get in a little social time with her tots, the two of us can swap stories and connect. I also recently became a member of FashionMamas NY, where fashion industry moms come together to share notes, experiences and support for each other.  I encourage you to head to your community website, nearest coffee shop or over to Meetup for the dish on where to find a local group that’s right for you.

The Neighborhood Mom: Similar to the Meet-Up Mama, this lady shares the same zip code, play group and gym schedule as you. She is there to hang with at the playground and is easily accessible for an impromptu afternoon play sesh on a random night. Plus, she probably has the dish on who are the best babysitters in your community.

Forever GF: Some of the best advice I have ever received has been from my one of oldest and dearest girlfriends…who got into the mom-game long before I did. Though we may not get together on play dates since I have a tot and she a tween, during shopping trips and brunches sans kiddos, she’s imparted her been-there-before wisdom in a completely non-condescending way.

The No Kids Girlfriend: When I feel over-run with play dates and need a breather from my couples-with-kids only fun, she is there to give me a fresh perspective on things AND is usually open for a night out whenev… because sometimes a mama doesn’t need to plan a night out 6 weeks in advance.

Xoxo -Olivia

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