Family Fun Holiday Baking with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Foodstirs

As a mom, I always find myself in the kitchen. Whether I’m preparing a quick week night meal or an impromptu sweet snack for my toddler, it is honestly one of my favorite places to unwind. My two year old, Greyson, also loves helping in the kitchen. When I was introduced to the healthy, creative and kid-friendly baking kits from Foodstirs, a brand co-founded by mama of two Sarah Michelle Gellar, I was immediately excited to try one with him for the holidays.
1We received the Brownie Snowflake and Holiday Tree Cookie Kit in the mail and I was impressed immediately with the super cute eco-friendly packaging and easy-to-read labeling. The bonus… no artificial colors, and non-GMO ingredients are used. Cookie cutters came with both kits, and all of the basic items needed to create the treats were already in my kitchen, so it took almost zero prep time. My helper and I got right to work, mixing our brownie batter and cookie dough.
4a3The recipe cards were simple to follow, making it easy for Grey to keep up, and me to spare the extra consideration and patience a toddler in the kitchen requires. To keep Grey entertained, I split the cookie dough so he had his own to mold and let him decorate some cookies and brownies on his own while I finished the rest.

The end result? A slightly messy kitchen, delicious cookies, one happy boy and mama, which means definitely a new holiday tradition for us! The set also makes a great gift to give, and the finished goodies makes a wonderful host or hostess gift! -Olivia

Foodstirs was awesome to offer a 20% off discount to our readers! Use the coupon code Pod20 for 20% off your cart. This offer expires 12/31/15.

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