The Mom Diaries: Staying Stress-free During the Holidays

Many mamas approach the holiday season head-on, piling on chores, shopping lists, baking, decorating, and entertaining. It can be quite a frenzy, especially if you are expecting or are already a mama of little ones. This year I am determined to enjoy the season with my boys and thought I would share a few of the things helping me keep everything as simple and stress-free as possible!

My husband, Grey and I during our visit to the Philadelphia Orchestra Kids Christmas Concert

Make a to-do-list: I started the season off with a set of priorities; shopping for gifts, visiting Santa, and baking. Making a list of the tasks for the season that were most important for me to achieve is a great place to start and helped me feel less overwhelmed.

Don’t overcommit: I (politely!) declined some holiday invitations right from the gate. I wanted to make the most of the occasions our family did decide to attend as well as leave some time for us and the inevitable meltdowns and curveballs the season and an energetic toddler bring!

Shop online: This is an obvious one but since it’s a serious time-saver, it’s worth mentioning. Order whatever you can online; there is still time to have gifts delivered for the holidays! We even had baking kits from Foodstirs sent directly to our house, saving time, effort and a trip to the grocery store. We put that extra time toward family fun holiday outings, like a visit to a local kids’ concert.

Ask for help: I know I’m not the only mama who feels like she has to do it all. I’ve reminded myself to ask for help no matter how small the task. My hubs usually obliges, even if only when asked! Crisis averted.

Re-prioritize: We tend to go over-the-top with decorating but this year I ditched having a second full-sized Christmas tree in our living room for a tiny version Grey could decorate himself. It was less for me to do PLUS he loved decorating his own tree. It might be time to reevaluate your normal holiday routine to see what just isn’t worth the effort any more.

Go with the flow: Things happen: toddlers meltdown, holiday traffic gets the best of you, photo-ops don’t go as planned; I’ve gotten way better at going with the flow and seeing see the positive. Laughing it off is just more fun!

What are some of the ways you keep your family stress free during the holidays? –Olivia

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