Maternity Photoshoot Tips from Actress Amy Davidson

Guest Editor: Amy Davidson, Actress and Blogger

A maternity photoshoot can be a special way to commemorate your pregnancy, celebrate your glow and capture your excitement on becoming a mom. For some insight from a mom-to-be, we chatted with actress Amy Davidson, who is expecting her first. She shared with us the best tips for getting photos you are sure to love. Read along for Amy’s advice on how to achieve your own gorgeous maternity portraits and what becoming a mom means to her!

Photo: Dustylu Photography

Congrats! What are you most excited about becoming a mom?

The idea of actually becoming a mom is still foreign to me, as crazy as that sounds! I understand that in about 8 weeks this little being will be out of my belly and into my arms, but sometimes I can’t wrap my brain around it! My maternal instincts have kicked in and are very strong already, so that will make the transition into motherhood easier for me. Instinctually, I already understand it. I think what I’m most excited about is seeing this little boy grow and develop and have his own personality. Helping him become his own person and a good person, that is very important to me. I want him to be a nice little boy who is caring and loving and happy!

How would you describe your pregnancy style?

Since the majority of my pregnancy has been during the winter, when my bump has been the biggest, what I’ve been gravitating to is anything that’s comfortable! I’m loving leggings and sweaters. I also love body-con dresses that really show off my bump!

Why choose to have professional maternity photos taken?

Capturing my pregnancy was very important to me. This moment flies by and I wanted to make sure that we had the most beautiful photos to cherish. I’ve taken a ton of pictures during my pregnancy, but doing a professional photo shoot insured that I would accomplish the look and feel of the shoot that I was going for. Our photographer, Dustylu Photography completely captured my vision.

How far along were you for the photoshoot?

I was exactly 31 weeks during our shoot!

Where is the location of the shoot? Why did you choose it?

Our photographer chose Maravilla Gardens as our location. I expressed to her what I envisioned, and she said she knew of the perfect place. I wanted the shoot to feel surreal and full of life. The gardens are stunning and offer just that. One of the locations reminded me of a charming farmhouse. And there’s an actual cabbage patch! How perfect is that for a maternity shoot?! When I looked at the website I was completely sold. It was exactly what I had in mind!

How did you prepare for the photoshoot?

We decided to do the photo shoot pretty last minute, as this month is getting pretty busy with my two baby showers and traveling home to Arizona for one of them. We decided it would be on Saturday. I went into Motherhood Maternity and found a great outfit, and started to plan the look and feel of the shoot. I mapped out how I wanted my makeup and hair to look, as well as putting about five other outfits together to complete the feel of what I wanted.

Any tips or questions you should ask your photographer before the shoot?

I think it’s really important to communicate to your photographer exactly what you want and what you’re looking for. That way you will get your desired outcome. I was very vocal with my photographer, expressing my wants and desires for the shoot. That way the photo shoot is a collaboration and everyone is on the same page. You feel comfortable going into it, and the photographer feels confident that they know exactly what you want. It’s a win-win. I would definitely ask the photographer, “Have you ever done a maternity shoot before? Are you comfortable with a maternity shoot? What is your vision?” Maybe they will enhance what you are already thinking for the shoot. I would also ask if there’s a location that he or she loves and have already shot at before. That’s what was great about our location; Lu shoots there all the time, so she knew all the areas she wanted to take us too. We got everything done in about an hour and a half; she was so efficient!

Photo: Dustylu Photography
Photo: Dustylu Photography

How did you choose what you would wear?

I was a little nervous about what I would wear. I had an idea in my mind, but I didn’t have any of the clothes yet. When I went into Motherhood Maternity, I saw this long black skirt and lacey bra that made sense for what I wanted. Then I was able to gather more clothes to complement that outfit. I wanted that ethereal feel, so that was my starting point. I knew I also wanted some shots with a bare belly, so that’s where a skirt and top came into place.

What are some things to consider about choosing the right outfit?

I think when choosing an outfit you have to figure out what you’re comfortable wearing. I love showing my bump, so I was comfortable in a skirt and a bra top. I also wore two different body-con dresses, for a different feel. In order for the photos to turn out the way you want them to, being comfortable is very important. I would also try and gather as many outfits as possible so you have a variety to choose from. That way you’re more likely to get exactly what you want!

For more from Amy on maternity portraits, check out her blog!

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