The Honest Company’s Christopher Gavigan on Work + Family

Guest Editor: Christopher Gavigan, Founder and Chief Product Officer of The Honest Company

What we have always admired about The Honest Company is how its founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan were inspired by their own journey into parenthood to help parents everywhere.  Not to mention how much we really love to use- and look at- the brand’s safe and effective products for mom and baby. With a growing family (baby number 4 is soon on the way) and a growing business that coincidentally just turned 4, we asked Christopher what it’s like trying to do it all. The best part:  his answers have us feeling like we can too.

HonestFamily BLOG

Photo courtesy of Christopher Gavigan

How is your family preparing for Baby No. 4? Did the news comes as a surprise to your children Luke, Eve, and Poppy and do you have any advice to other parents preparing their little one/s for a new sibling?

Newborn babies are always surprises, and remarkable gifts to parents and siblings,;so YES , it was an absolute surprise that we are feeling so grateful and excited about.  The kids are calling him/her “my baby,” and like most new parents, we are doing plenty of talking to the kids about the new little arrival to ensure the smoothest transition. However, we do need to start having conversations around a name!

We don’t often hear a dad’s perspective on balancing work and parenting. What does balancing work and family mean to you?

“Balancing” is a hopeful word, and one that lacks the fuller context of the many pulls and complexities of what it is to be a father these days.  We all want to be the best father, husband, professional, person, friend, etc., but “balance” means you are winning … and feeling good about it.  Candidly, I often don’t feel good about not being around more for the children, and that’s because I have this other “baby” called The Honest Company.  So for me, as a realist, it’s all about a sense of compromise and being very thoughtful about when, where, and how I show up.  This has necessitated that I put a ton of thought into prioritizing quality over quantity.  Putting the phone down (for things like work emails) when I’m home, using Sunday as an Electronic Sabbatical for the whole family (this means no screen time), and being as present in the moment as I can be, which I think  is the true meaning of life by the way.  And Dads, you must focus on self-improvement too — working out, reading a book, and challenging yourself. You need it and deserve it.

How do you and your wife Jessica Capshaw stay connected as a couple with such busy schedules?

Well, instead of saying we are “busy” all the time (a useless mantra that people everywhere say), we work to acknowledge the “abundance” and the choices we have that fill our lives  and each other up.  We work to prioritize our dinners out, a neighborhood walk or workouts together. We also definitely try to take that special night away at a hotel within driving distance to our home.  And car-time talking doesn’t count (you have to look at your spouse to truly communicate and get connected!)

What do you hope 2016 will bring you personally and professionally?

If someone could bottle moments and slow down time, I’ll continue to hope for that!

HonestProduct Part2 BLOG

What new product/s is Honest launching this year that you are anticipating most?

Okay, nice try.  I’m someone who doesn’t easily reveal our innovations and awesome work for Honest.  For a conscious, purpose-driven company like us, the growth of our impact is what really excites us: serving, educating, inspiring, developing, and staying in tune with science. Our purpose to continue the excellence in baby, feeding, beauty, and cleaning are all paramount, so you’ll see continued expansion, refinements, evolution, and creating tons of additional smiles (and points of distribution) for our Honestly delightful products.  Vague (I know!) but we are on a mission. This journey is a multi-generational effort, and we dream big.

You can shop The Honest Company,  including new  apricot-scented Shampoo & Bodywash, Conditioner and Face & Body Lotion,  in Motherhood Maternity stores and online.

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