Entertainment Reporter & Mom-To-Be Suzanne Marques Shares Her Red-Carpet Routine

Award show season culminates with tomorrow’s Oscars, which means we’ll tune in for one last red carpet countdown. Since it happens to be our favorite part of the show, we asked Emmy winning Entertainment Reporter Suzanne Marques, who will cover Hollywood’s biggest night for CBS2/KCAL9 & CBS Newspath in Los Angeles,  to share how she preps.  Read how her award-show-ritual has changed now that she is expecting Baby No.1, and get her tips for looking flawless for those red carpet moments of your own!

Guest Editor: Suzanne Marques, Entertainment Reporter

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Marques

Life as an entertainment reporter is exciting, and now that I’m pregnant, I’ve already experienced some unforgettable moments. I was interviewing Julia Roberts during a sweaty bout of nausea in my first trimester, so I couldn’t keep it a secret, and she was the first celeb to congratulate me. George Clooney learned I had a baby on board during a daytime interview, and later that night, I saw him on the chilly red carpet for Hail, Caesar! He teased that I should be inside and warm. As my belly grows, stars like LL Cool J and Rosie O’Donnell have rubbed the bump like a genie’s lamp! It’s been a blast.

Thank goodness award show season is falling during my second trimester. The nausea is gone, my belly has popped and while I’m still tired and forgetful,it feels like the best time of pregnancy.

Preparing for a red carpet is usually pretty intense, but award show season is so much fun as a mom-to-be. Normally, I fit in extra workouts and juice cleanses to make my skin glow and feel good in my gown. Now that I’m pregnant, that’s all gone out the window. It’s a feat to climb stairs without getting winded. Plus,I am eating whatever I want, which includes plenty of cupcakes and chocolate.

Aside from indulging, it’s important to give yourself a little TLC, so you don’t run out of energy. You want to show off that pregnancy glow and enjoy yourself on the red carpet.

The morning of the Grammy Awards I woke up and enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and cup of hot pregnancy tea while I went through my notes for the day. Pregnancy brain is a real thing for me, so I had packed everything I needed  the night before. I took a quick shower and headed to the salon.

I like to wear comfy clothes that are easy to remove when getting hair and makeup done.That way I can change at the salon and go straight to the red carpet. Paul Perez of Sally Hershberger and makeup artist Monique Santiago are my go-to glam squad in LA. If you can swing it, hair and makeup are worth the indulgence. It’s nice to relax and get pampered, instead of wearing yourself out. I did my own hair and makeup for the SAG Awards and regretted it. I got so tired getting ready; it sapped my energy for the rest of the day. If you’re looking to save money, I love blow dry bars and booking a makeup application at MAC.

Every celebrity knows that proper undergarments are the secret to making gowns look their best. They’re just as important during pregnancy. In my first trimester I didn’t want anything tight on my belly because I was so sick all the time, so I kept clothing loose and flowy. In the second trimester I like the support and the feel of a belly band. It’s nothing like Spanx, which feels constricting to me. I wore a belly band that supports the back, while giving a gentle lift to the belly. Paired with a nice push up bra, I had curves in all the right places.

For my red carpet Grammy’s look, I chose a little black dress from A Pea in the Pod. The different textures created visual interest around the bump, and the lacy arms breathed during the day and kept me warm at night. I wore strappy but sturdy heels by Aldo, but didn’t leave them on all day. I keep a pair of flats in my purse at all times because my feet get tired quickly.

Getting glam during pregnancy is such a treat, as your body goes through many changes. Plus, you get so much attention; I’ve learned a baby bump is the ultimate red carpet accessory!

The views expressed on this post represent those of the guest author and not of Destination Maternity. All photos courtesy of Suzanne Marques.

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