Tips for Dressing Post-Baby Featuring Blogger Katie of Katie Did What

Photo courtesy of Katie Reyes

Life can feel very crazy once the little one finally arrives because everything is brand new: baby, schedule, body! For tips on how to ease the transition into motherhood, we turned to one of our favorite bloggers and stylish moms, Katie of Katie Did What, who just welcomed baby number 2. Read along for Katie’s style advice and more on life with two under two.

Guest Editor: Katie Reyes, Blogger

I’m Katie and I run the lifestyle blog Katie Did What. I have an almost-two-year-old boy and a 7 week old baby girl, so life is hectic these days! I don’t have too much time to think about my fashion, but it’s still something that is important to me. Being a mother to two little ones can be hard, and can make for very little “me time.” Two things that I love to do each day to make sure I feel like myself are to put on my makeup and to try to put on some cute clothes. It not only makes sure I stay true to myself, but also improves my confidence! Dressing the postpartum body can be tricky, but I have a few tips that I’d love to share.

  1. Maternity jeans– YES, you can still rock those maternity jeans post-baby! You probably will still need to for a while as your body shrinks back down. I have found that I’m living in my maternity jeans from Motherhood Maternity, as they are still super comfortable, stylish, fit great and the belly panel is awesome for covering the stomach while breastfeeding! Plus, nobody can tell they are maternity. Win-win!
  2. Loose tops. They’re another must-have for your post-baby wardrobe…and lots of them! You won’t want anything form-fitting for a while, so embrace the loose, flowy, romantic look! I’m still getting wear from my maternity tops like this one. Plus, they are completely effortless and great for breastfeeding!

    Photo courtesy of Katie Reyes

  3. Buttons! Embrace button-down tops and dresses! I love this denim dress from Motherhood;  it’s not form-fitting, so it’s super flattering, and it buttons down for easy access when nursing.
  4. Hats. Because, sometimes you just don’t have time to wash your hair. You’re a mom. This is where hats come in- throw one on and go!
  5. Nursing bras. Okay, these are game changers! They clip down for easy nursing and are super comfortable! I love this sports bra, since I’m slowly getting back into exercising, finally!
  6. Jackets or wraps or open cardigans. Pick anything that you can just throw over an outfit that is nursing friendly too! This jacket is my favorite that I’ve taken from maternity on.

Photo courtesy of Katie Reyes

These are just some of my tips for dressing post-baby. For more of my tips on styling the postpartum body, check out this post on my blog!

The views expressed on this post represent those of the blogger and not of Destination Maternity. All photos courtesy of Katie Reyes.

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