The Ultimate Bra Guide for Expecting and New Moms


When expecting, your bra size will most likely change throughout your pregnancy journey. This can happen as early as 6 weeks in, so when it does, it’s time to shop for bras! It’s better to buy bras at several different times during pregnancy, than it is to spend an entire pregnancy wearing bras that don’t fit. Unlike regular bras, which lack the necessary support and comfort, maternity bras are designed to accommodate your growing breasts and expanding rib cage. Here are the styles we recommend. No matter your preference, you’ll find the fit and support you need.

Full coverage bras offer support and lift. They also reduce strain on your back, shoulders and chest muscles.  Our Full Coverage Underwire Bra has padding for even more support with a touch of glamour in lace.

For a smooth and comfortable fit, we recommend a seamless bra. This style grows with your shape, relieves sensitivity and allows for extra room to stretch with expandable straps. Our Seamless Clip-Down Nursing Bra is a customer favorite and the clip-down nursing function provides simple nursing post-baby.  All of our nursing bras can also be worn as maternity bras; so embrace this style early on and wear right into motherhood!

Wireless bras act as a discrete base under clothing. As an added bonus, when worn regularly, they may help to limit stretch marks. Opt for an essential color like a nude wireless bra.

To help you snooze with ease, wear a sleep bra. Sleep bras retain your natural breast shape when side sleeping, tossing and turning. They also transition from maternity to new mom for mid-night breastfeeding.

Unsure of your size? All of our Motherhood Maternity stores offer free bra fittings. So, make sure to stop in to meet with one of our expert associates or check out our measuring guide to help with your fit at home; it also serves as a great reminder when it’s time to shop again!


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