Spring Skincare Secrets From a Pro

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to add a few essentials to our beauty routine. Who better to tell us what to stock our purses (and diaper bags) with than our resident beauty expert Kristen?! Read along for her favorites.


Guest Editor: Kristen Diamond, Beauty and Lingerie Buyer

beautyEssentials BLOG

Butter London Nail Polish, because let’s face it, toes cannot be out unless they are properly polished!

The basq Skin Scrub is a must; now that a little more skin is showing, it needs to be at its best.

This basq oil isn’t super greasy and rubs in well, so it’s a great moisturizer. I like the lavender scent because it is so soothing.

The Honest Company Sanitizer Spray is a year-round must for me.

The Honest Company Sun Block stick gets our whole family ready for more outdoor time!

Body Boost by basq’s Bump Love Kit is a great gift for a mom-to-be. It’s her first time getting to celebrate Mother’s Day and this set is a great way to show her some love and encourage her to spend some time doing a little pampering.

You can shop all our beauty and skincare here. What are your favorite items for spring?


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