Rachel Zoe On Her Perfect Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we are asking some of the moms we love to share how they’d like to celebrate. First up: designer, editor and mom of two Rachel Zoe. Read along for her perfect day (and outfit) and don’t forget to head online to shop her exclusive maternity collection!

RZ Mothers Day BLOG














Guest Editor: Rachel Zoe, Stylist, Editor and Designer

Mother’s Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays— I love any excuse for family time and basking in the love of my boys. A perfect Mother’s Day for me would be waking up to morning snuggles, followed by a family brunch, a walk on the beach, or a leisurely stroll to the park or farmers’ market.

This Elbow Sleeve Paisley Print dress is the perfect dress for Mother’s Day. The flowing caftan style is the perfect silhouette to make you feel dressed up for the occasion but appropriately casual for any daytime activity. Simply throw your hair in a top knot, pair with a great pair of strappy sandals and you’re instantly ready to spend the day being showered with love. Whether you’re taking a family walk, enjoying a lunch or dinner out, or simply savoring your family time at home, achieve that effortless take on glamour while you enjoy every precious moment of the day.

The views expressed on this post represent those of the guest author and not of Destination Maternity.

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