How We’re Celebrating Mother’s Day

With this most special holiday this Sunday, we asked some of the moms here in our office to share their plans. Read along for how the team at Motherhood Maternity plans to celebrate Mother’s Day and share your plans in the comments below!

MothersDay DMAT BLOG








































clockwise from top left: Shelley, Kristen, Alicia, Jillian

Shelley Liebsch, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Design

I want to forget about email, relax with my boys, and have nothing pressing on my to-do list except movies and Cheez-It®s!

Kristen Diamond, Divisional Merchandise Manager of Skincare, Accessories and Lingerie

My plans are brunch with the kids, my husband and my mom and— depending on weather— we will go to the zoo or just play inside!

Jillian O’Hara, Senior Buyer, Outerwear, Swim, Dresses and Plus

My perfect Mother’s Day would be spending quality time with my family. I would love to kick off the day with a delicious coffee;  enjoy an outside activity like going to a playground or park; and relax with a homemade dinner grilled to perfection. Of course I wouldn’t object to some flowers as a treat!

Alicia Fitzmire, Buyer, Lingerie

My ideal day would be playing with my daughter at the park, and having my husband take care of all of the cooking and cleaning!


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