Mama-To-Be & Blogger Rachel Johnson’s Summer Picks

One of our favorite bloggers and soon-to-be mom of three, Rachel Johnson of Cozy Chic Mommy, inspires us daily with her maternity style. With the summer season days away, we asked her to choose her two favorite pieces from our new collection and to share how she wears them. Read along for her tips and about how she is getting ready for Baby Number Three.

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Guest Editor: Rachel Johnson of Cozy Chic Mommy

What’s your favorite way to dress the bump?

These days I am all about dressing my bump in a dress. Throwing on a dress saves me time from being in my closet, which equals more time with my kids! Honestly, anything to get out of being in front of the mirror and into real life is highly encouraged. If I have to put an outfit together these days, I end up wasting time thinking about how I can’t fit into certain pieces from my wardrobe.

How would you describe your maternity style?

If I had to describe my maternity style I would definitely say it is boho chic. I tend to air on the relaxed side when it comes to clothes during pregnancy, but I still want to look effortless, so I opt for a cool bohemian chic look to keep myself feminine and modish.

rachel blog 2

Why did you choose these summer styles?

These styles that I chose to share with you all make me feel like a woman. I feel beautiful and free in these pieces and love the way I look in them as well.

How do you plan on styling the bump throughout the summer?

I plan on wearing lots and lots of skirts and dresses this summer as well as lose-fitted shorts. I am all about being able to look cute and still keep as cool a temperature as possible. The breezier the better.

What are your favorite summer activities? Any fun summer plans with the family?

I love going to concerts on the lawn in New York, but we will only be able to attend one or two with our impending move, so I have to say that swimming in the pool as a family is another one of my summer favorites. The pool is an easy weakness for me because it is so refreshing!

rachel blog 3

You’re expecting your third! How is this pregnancy different than the others? How is your family prepping for Baby Number Three?

Baby Number Three? What! Ha-ha, yes. I am totally pregnant with our third child and I have to say this pregnancy mimics that of my first pregnancy almost to a ‘t.’ The only difference between this pregnancy and my first is that I don’t have any time to feel sorry for myself. I have two little ones to chase after and enjoy. I definitely am taking advantage of naptime with my eldest; we love to cuddle! Don’t worry my little guy is fast asleep during this time as well. I am so thankful they are on the same sleep schedule so I can indulge in this one pregnancy symptom— being tired. When it comes to prepping for Baby Number Three, we are really just trying to separate all of the boy and girl baby clothes so we can readily pull out what we need after we have a gender reveal. Other than the clothes, we have everything we need, so I am able to wait patiently for this little one to show up.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

My favorite thing about being a mom is living each day knowing I am a hot mess. Truly, it is such a humbling experience and I am so thankful I can care for two, well almost three, little human beings. Can we just talk about getting hugs, kisses, and “I love you” from little kids that are in your care? Talk about my heart melting! These three things are also a weakness. I absolutely cannot hear I love you enough or receive too many hugs or kisses. Being loved in return is such an amazing feeling. I am telling you that being a mother is wildly incredible and endearing.

rachel blog

Shop Rachel’s picks below and all our summer styles here!

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The views expressed on this post represent those of the guest author and not of Motherhood Maternity.



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