Gender reveal parties are becoming as big or bigger than baby showers, without the pressure, but with all the excitement. There are so many ways to announce whether or not baby is going to be a boy or girl and we are the place to come for that inspiration. Let us be the source of all things gender reveal. We’ve been behind the scenes meeting with the best of the best in party planning, racking our collective brains to come up with the cutest themes and are almost ready to roll out the red carpet on this Gender Reveal initiative.

With help from the cutest maternity tees featuring “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” graphics, moustache decals, bows and more, plus the Gender Reveal Collection of blue with pink tops and dresses (they have ribbons that reveal), your outfit is already made. We want to be your one stop shop for planning, so we also are selling decorations, favors and supplies for Motherhood, as well as A Pea in the Pod. Make sure you check out our sister blog at 40weeksofchic.com for even more ideas!

Last, but not least, we are fully prepared with professional perspectives. First we will meet with Laura Himmelein, owner of Party Cake, Party Cake in Maplewood, New Jersey. So keep your eyes open for the Gender Reveal section on our blogs, as well as posts featuring concepts and how to execute them. Whether you are the one doing the revealing or it’s you who will be surprised, we are just so excited to deliver this to you. Let the reveals begin!

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