It’s time to reveal our back to school baby! We had a lot of ideas on the table for ways to reveal the gender, but we ultimately knew we wanted to use crayons in a big way for the party décor and for the big moment itself. We found a vintage-inspired lunchbox with a school uniform pattern along the way and everything fell into place. Watch the video to find out if our back to school baby is a boy or girl!

We had so much fun coming up with ways to do the reveal that we wanted to share those as well! If there is a sibling involved, it will be important for them to feel incorporated and extra special. He/She can act as a teacher and write the reveal on the chalkboard or you can have the sibling spin the globe to reveal if it’s a boy or girl! We also loved the idea of using a leather-back book set with a bookmark to a page with the gender written out – Mom and Dad can then read it out loud or proudly turn it to the crowd. The book would make for some cute and sentimental nursery décor too!

If you have any ideas for other ways to make the big reveal, let us know with #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity.

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