MH Blog GR NFL 2017 v1

We are at it again with our Gender Reveal inspiration! Sometimes you just don’t feel up to throwing a big party. We love the idea of doing a clever photo shoot that not only becomes a framed keepsake but also an easy and fun way to share the news on social media. We let the start of football season inspire us on this one and, in particular, our cute official NFL maternity tees. Dress your bump in your favorite team and you’re already half way there! (Just see all of them go!)

We wanted to keep the idea simple and easy to execute. We crafted our confetti party poppers into footballs by wrapping them with brown construction paper and using whiteout to paint in the laces. Our mascot tagline became the focus, framed in wood, ready to be held by mom and dad before the big reveal. With pompoms and actual footballs, the shoot became complete. Just one pop of the football popper and…it’s a girl!

Have you decided to sport your fan-favorite tees for your reveal? If so, tag us- we’d love to see! #thisisgoingtobefun @motherhoodmaternity

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