Find your Denim with our in-store experts

We took a little trip to the store for Denim Week to see what styles are giving our customers the blues. Of course, we mean the good blues, as in jeans! From over the belly, under the bump, and all shapes and sizes in between, we wanted to see what a store experience is like for our customer. We sat down with Assistant Manager, Sophie Tuy, in our Cherry Hill, NJ store to ask her the benefits of shopping in-store and actually feeling, trying and seeing the styles.

Motherhood: What is the first thing you do when someone walks in?

Sophie: I personally ask what the reason is for them to shop here today. Usually they’ll say it’s their first-time shopping. I like to act as a friend, you know, fill them in on what they should be buying in their first trimester; it’s all about making her feel comfortable.

Motherhood: Is it normally first time shoppers?

Sophie: I would say that 40% of the time I’ve seen them before. This is their home for the next nine months, so I like to make them feel welcome. I offer her some water, sit her down, and ask her exactly what she is looking for or how I can help her.

Motherhood: Why do you feel an expectant customer should come to their store to shop?

Sophie:  They need to come in to feel the fabrics, try on the items they like, and see how the clothes are going to grow with them. The first time they come to the store we size them. I always ask for her pre-pregnancy size. If she is a small normally, she will be a small here. They don’t always believe me, but I swear, the styles are made to be easy to shop, and then worn throughout!

Motherhood: What do most moms-to-be come in looking for?

Sophie: In this location, we get clients across the board and a wide range of ages. We have to get to know them and ask them what stores they shop at before. Knowing their personal style allows us to better pinpoint how their fashion translates to maternity.

Motherhood: What is the first type of clothing they come for?

Sophie: Jeans! I would say first time moms usually need a new pair between 16 and 20 weeks, but women who are on a second or third pregnancy want to be comfortable earlier. I ask her about her pre-pregnancy size, or measure her waist and hips, then help her pick out the styles she is interested in.

Motherhood: What exactly do S, M, L and Plus mean in terms of sizing?

Sophie: Small is 26-27, while 28-29 is usually medium range. A size large is 30-31. We also carry plus size jeans. They are sizes 1X-3X, usually a size 12-16 in pre-pregnancy numbers. And, we have some extra small sizes, which would be a 24-25.

Motherhood: What are the current best-sellers in denim?

Sophie: All of the V-pocket styles; they keep looking good even as she grows. And Jessica Simpson jeans are always at the top of the list!

Motherhood: What jean styles do you see trending for fall?

Sophie: Distressed jeans. A lot of boyfriend and distressed with a plaid shirt and a casual tee.

Motherhood: Besides the face-to-face experience, what is another benefit of shopping in store?

Sophie: Besides coming in and trying things on, I think that women really like our gift bag. All first-time shoppers get the gift bag from our Perks Program. It’s filled with samples, maybe a bottle, coupons and savings. People are always asking for that gift bag!

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