MH CandyCravings Blog v1

Trick or treat… can you still see your feet? Doesn’t matter, just give YOU something good to eat!

We polled our pregnant co-workers to see which sweet goodies they’re hoping to get in their bags, buckets, pumpkins, pillow cases— however they collect the candy!

We also reached out to two sisters, Jamie and Kristin, who are both expecting five weeks apart to hear about what they’ve been craving. Jamie and her bump can’t get enough Almond Joys and Kit Kats (both of which our co-workers seem to want!) And, Kristin said you name it, she wants it. She is particularly into chocolate with nuts… apparently so is the baby girl in her belly!

Stay tuned to see more from Jamie and Kristin, because in a couple weeks we will go shopping with them for the holidays. It’s a family affair to remember!

Shop the shirt shown and our other graphic tees, plus tag us in your maternity costumes @motherhoodmaternity #thisisgoingtobefun 🎃 Happy Halloween!

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