MH BLOG Mimi Monday Two 2018 v1

It’s MiMi Maternity Monday and we have to hit upon the trend with no end. There were times when stripes were taboo, animal print too risqué and polka dots relegated to little girls. All of these “trends” have become standard and classic in their own sense, like how camo is a new neutral. That’s how we see the exposed shoulder, the cold shoulder, the one shoulder, the off-the-shoulder, the detailed shoulder – any top or dress where shoulders steal the show.

MiMi is no exception; in fact, its purpose is to keep your closet relevant, fresh and fashion-forward during your pregnancy [and after.] All of the styles feature something new, even without an exposed shoulder, like the yellow ruffle sleeve top. We can’t get over the color, which is not mustard, not lemon, but as rich and bright as both.

The power shade of the red tie-shoulder halter top is strong, yet deeply feminine. It’s sexy, but subtly so. For something a little more playful, the pink maternity top has all the features: cold shoulder, ruffles, ties… it’s youthful and refreshing. Want to play around with even more color? The off-the-shoulder top also features tie sleeves, with a silky weightless finish, so it flows over your bump like really smooth turquoise water.  Take a dive into the trend and show a little shoulder.


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