MH BLOG Mimi Babymoon 2018 v1

Get lost in an adventure away in our MiMi Maternity favorites! Hop on a plane, train, car or bus and head on a babymoon that you can’t wait to capture in memories and of course on Instagram!  We put together two capsules for the metro-mama who is hitting the beach and the street style gal who is ready to discover another city.

For sightseeing around a town you’re about to explore, we chose to go classic, cool, and sprinkled with stripes.  That chambray maternity top is a no brainer, with adjustable sleeves, and a button front. We see this looking super cute over that floral MiMi tankini, you know in case you come across a body of water… or spa. Stripes for day come in the form of a ruffle sleeve maternity top, and by night in the bell sleeve maternity dress. Swap your maternity jeans for these olive maternity joggers and you’re ready for adventure.

For a getaway to somewhere warm and relaxing, we packed a floral cold shoulder maternity dress with pink poppies, a coordinating pink cold shoulder maternity top and simple pocket front maternity tee. Never travel without a really good pair of jeans, these being MiMi’s cool girl destructed kick flare crops. We couldn’t forget the suit to ends all suits: the ruffle front, cross back maternity swimsuit in black.

Make sure you tag us on your babymoon journey @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMama

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