MH BLOG Floorset AprilMay 2018 v1

Spring is fleeting and we are ready to fade into summer. Our newest collection is channeling blue skies and blue waters mixed with sandy-hued prints and nautical stripes. In short, we got inspired by beach days for this new wave of style.

Making memories is what the warm weather demands. And as much as we want to live in the moment, we want to capture it too. So, dress like your photo is going to be snapped; pose like you’re going to post; and feed your feed with the cutest clothes.

Want to get your beach bump ready? Shop the blog:

Chiffon Maternity Dress in Pink Florals

Button Front Maternity Tunic in Denim Chambray

Side-Panel Skinny Jeans in a Destructed Medium Wash

Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Top in Navy/White Stripe

Side-Panel Maternity Shortalls in a Medium Wash

Ruffle Front Maternity Dress in Polka Dot Chambray

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