MH BLOG Mimi Q2 2018 Inspo v1

We love looking into the mindset of designers, and it is no different when it comes to our newest collection from MiMi Maternity. Our last featured post discussed the capsule, named Brasilia, and how it was inspired “by the bold tiles and patterns created by architect, Oscar Niemeyer, and collaborating artist, Athos Bulcão.”

We took it a step further to show you how that inspiration became a reality. Brasilia is a very modern city; in fact, it was only inaugurated as the capital in 1960. It’s newness and bold, bright white architecture make it unique when being compared to the historical elements of traditional capital cities we have come to know. We tote our MiMi Mama as the metropolitan girl, so we love that her closet is created with all different types of cities in mind. The fast-paced, everchanging environment is what keeps our customer and her clothing current.

You can see elements of strong lines in the collection’s yellow geometric print, which can be found on this maternity dress and this maternity top. One of the most well-known architectural marvels in the Brazilian capital is the Cathedral of Brasilia. You’ll notice the deep white lines that resemble the sweeping columns on this tiered maternity dress and tie sleeve maternity shirt.

What we really love about the whole collection is that the structured element of design is balanced with flowing, easy materials that allow a carefree look and feel. Shop all MiMi Maternity here.

How does style inspire you? Tell us and tag us @MiMiMaternity #MiMiMaMa #MiMiOnMe

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