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We’re ending the month of May and our Motherhood Get Real on Motherhood campaign with our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Agata. She may be last, but certainly not least! We had a ball with her at her photo shoot back in September when she was expecting her baby boy. She didn’t name him them, but this time we got to meet little Thomas, and sat back down with Agata to discuss life as a new mom.

When you’re done catching up with Agata, make sure you check out all our real moms getting real: Erin, Katie and Kelly, and Sara. And keep on coming back for a summer of new moms, nursing information and the road to National Breastfeeding Month, which is August!

Motherhood: Tell us a little about your new baby!

Agata: Thomas was born mid-December during the winter season’s first snowstorm.  We chose the name because we are a trilingual household, and it works well in English, Spanish and Polish. Thomas loves bouncing in his bouncer, reading high contrast books and any words with rolling Rs. His favorite toy is this French rag doll we named Alfonso. He hugs it with such affection. He doesn’t care for pacifiers, but thinks his thumbs are delicious and pulling on mom’s hair is his perfect activity right now.


Motherhood: How has life changed since becoming a new mom?

Agata: It would be easier to list what hasn’t changed!  We definitely consume more coffee and less Netflix. I’ve also learned to love mornings because he’s the happiest and most playful when he wakes up in the AM.  We don’t go out nearly as often as we used to; a quiet night in is what we love the most these days.  It’s much easier for me to tame my FOMO with Thomas around.  He’s a perfect excuse.  Also, as a mom, I have a newfound appreciation for all parents including my own!


Motherhood: What has been your favorite nursing piece?

Agata: I have quite a few nursing tanks. They’re a must have for me. But I also loved nursing gowns for night feedings and for the hospital.


Motherhood: You dressed for date night the last time we took your picture. Have you managed to get out without the babe yet? If so, what did you wear to make pumping while out easier?

Agata: Yes, we have gone out a few times including a big party I organized for my husband’s 40th birthday. I wore a nursing cami under a regular top that was easy to lift up.


Motherhood: So, be honest… what has been the hardest thing about motherhood?

Agata: The lack of sleep during the first two months. I felt like a zombie. There was a point where I stored milk in the pantry instead of the fridge!   Under eye concealer became my new friend and my beauty routine has been compressed to a few minutes.  Also, finding time to workout has been very hard. So, I try to squeeze mini ones when he catnaps.
Motherhood: Any advice to those 3rd trimester mamas who are almost ready for the next step?

Agata: Prepping meals for when we got back from the hospital was a great idea. We could eat healthy and not worry about cooking. I was so happy I did that.  We also limited the early visitors, just letting the closest people to us come by. It allowed us to figure out this parenting thing without having to worry about guests.

Schedule a newborn photo-session at home for the first week or two.  I was so tired and really didn’t feel like I had the energy to clean up the house, shower, do my hair, prep the baby … but now I’m so happy we have those photos. They’re precious.

I also like this app Peanut. It’s a great way to connect with new moms in your area. It’s sort of like a “new mama dating” app.  Lastly, don’t buy books thinking you’ll catch up on reading while home with the baby. Of the five books that I got for myself, I’m 1/3 through the first one. Looking back at it – what was I thinking?


Motherhood: Any funny nursing stories? Weird places? Spilled milk? Over-exposure?

Agata: Fortunately, no for me. But I was out with this new mom friend in a mall and her baby daughter wanted to nurse, but also clearly didn’t want to miss out on all the action around us and kept pulling down her nursing cover!

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