MH BLOG FathersDay 2018 v2

At Motherhood® we also celebrate Fatherhood! For Father’s Day we want to give a thank you to all the men being promoted to daddy! Below is a little gift guide for the guys!

And to all of our dads here… Happy Father’s Day! Read on to see what some of our co-workers have to say about fatherhood, life with kids, and what having the title “Dad” means to them.

  1. The graphic tee for him!
  2. An organic cotton Finn + Emma LoveXDad baby bodysuit
  3. “We Have a Hero, We Call Him Daddy” photo plaque from Pearhead
  4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

“Being a first-time dad has been an interesting ride. It’s been early mornings filled with multiple cups of coffee, late night feedings, messy diapers, screaming, crying… but it’s also giggles, belly laughs, playing, and endless fun. I’d like to think that I’ll spend Father’s Day sleeping in and being lazy, but chances are, I’ll hear my daughter awake in her crib at 7:30 am.  I’ll grumble about getting up that early on a Sunday – until I open her bedroom door and see that smile. She’ll have a poop filled diaper for me, but she’ll be smiling.” – Jeff Wowk, Senior Project Manager of Content and Print

“One of the most important things to keep in mind about Fatherhood is that you are in the memory making business. Even the smallest, least important things can turn out to be huge.” – Matt Green, Manager of Production, Print and Retouching

“Fatherhood made me realized that I don’t need possessions to be a rich man. I feel like the richest man when both of my boys are in my hands.” – Shafeik Hanif, Senior Manager of Web Operations

“Being a father has made me redefine what it means to be “present.” It makes me really stop and pay attention to the little moments in life, because they go so fast.” – Erik Schmidt, Director of Loss Prevention


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