MH BLOG WorkoutOrNap 2018 v2

Workout or take a nap? The choice is really yours. But, to help you get ready for both… here are some maternity clothes that transition smoothly from yoga to yawn and mat to mattress. Plus, some tips and tricks thrown in from our amazing pregnancy and parenting partners.

Besides this adorable graphic maternity tank top, and the featured super soft French terry underbelly maternity shorts, we are loving the newest take on athleisure, like our graphic side-ruched dresses with sayings like, “Bae on Board” and “Kickin’ It”.  Our friends at Parents Magazine wrote an article on how maternity workouts are actually benefiting babies too. So, that bae on board is also feeling the positive effects of a workout. You look good, baby feels good – win, win!

Of course, we have the maternity activewear that is made for moving mamas. Created for stretch and sweat, the pregnancy performance wear is also comfortable enough to make your namaste turn into a nice long nap. Our friends at What to Expect say, “Yoga helps alleviate pesky pregnancy symptoms like constipationback painbloatingswelling and fatigue. And according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, staying active helps moms mentally, too, increasing energy, mood and ability to sleep.”

And for the everyday jog to dream outfit, our BumpStart™ line is the perfect package. They come in sets of two, with stretchy solid or striped maternity tees, maternity tanks and maternity leggings.  They are easy enough to take your style from walking to working, with accessories and outfit additions. Our friends at Fit Pregnancy say, “’I recommend walking to most of my patients who are pregnant,’ says Tanya Ghatan, M.D., an OB-GYN at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. ‘It’s easy entry for women who’ve never exercised and gives athletic women a way to stay active without the high impact of other activities they’ve participated in.’”

How do you do the athleisure look? Show us your workout to sleep-in style @motherhoodmaternity #thisisgoingtobefun

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