At the end of the day, we sell clothes. That isn’t shocking, but you know what can be? Showing up to work in a dress feeling cute just to realize you’re going to be [almost] completely naked soon in a little room hooked up to a machine.  It happens to the best of us… but it doesn’t have to.

When it comes to nursing clothing, we listened to our customers. I am not a number’s girl, but I do know more than 65% of you return to work in some capacity. Oh, and I know you like to leave the house. And for these reasons, I wanted to sit down with our in-house designer, Jennifer Sack, and chat about the team’s inspiration behind the pieces. 

Jen has been with the company for over 8 years and has been helping design nursing/pumping clothing for over 3. The actives styles [seen on Thara below] are brand new. Jen said “versatility of the end use” is how they approach creating new clothes. They thought about the customer’s journey after birth, where she will be home for a while [hopefully] and then have to transition back into the working world.

The postpartum workout pants are what Jen referred to as the compression capsule, which now includes double fabric to help reduce chafing, as well as a pull-string to tighten and loosen as the body recovers. There is also a workout top with cross straps that offers different levels of lift and support. Jen and her team decided to include an inner-shelf bra, so that our girl doesn’t have to wear another underneath. There are also new clip-down functions that feature a sliding clasp, which is less noticeable, so that she feels like herself. For Jen, it’s those little details that make all the difference.

Keep reading to shop the shoot and see what Jen has to say about some of the featured styles. 

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 ONE v1

Thara is wearing our Nursing Hoodie and our postpartum active leggings.

The lift-up hoodie is perfect for when this unbearable humidity finally goes away! When we say lift-up, we mean there is a separate layer on the sweatshirt that you, well, lift up to get easier access to your breasts. This way you can feed your baby or pump without having to remove your top completely.

The pants must be worn after birth, so mamas-to-be, wait this one out. They feature stomach muscle compression, which is only safe once baby exits the body. These are workout specific, so they have a side pocket, are moisture wicking, UPF50, chlorine resistant and ready to run with you.

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 THREE v1

Audra is wearing our maternity overalls. That’s right – MATERNITY! Keep these in your closet for the comfort alone.

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 FOUR v1

Darlene is wearing our plus size waist-tie maternity dress in leopard print. Again, another maternity style that is more of a wear now/wear later look.

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 FIVE v1

Alex is wearing our ruffle hem nursing dress in a floral print. This dress works with a mock layer underneath, so when you undo the wrap, you have the ability to breastfeed or pump without disrobing completely. [See my opening paragraph!]

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 TWO v1

Sarah is wearing our nursing hoodie. This kind is my favorite. The hidden zippers are on the side and they go from mid-stomach up to mid-nipple. I wore one when we went to the LatchOn Event in Philly. It was roomy enough to stick a Willow pump in! Jen told us that this drawstring hoodie has been a best-selling maternity top for years, so it made sense to extend the option to nursing moms.

MH BLOG StyleSesh 2019 SIX v1

Chakari, who was pregnant at the time of the shoot, is wearing our wrap maternity dress in golden floral. [Insert hands praying emoji.] If you are pregnant, which I am sure most readers are, then what else do you need for fall? This dress will be perfect for after baby too; it’s nursing/pumping friendly!

What pieces do you pump in? What fashions do you feed in? We showed you ours; now show us yours. @motherhoodmaternity #mymomtruths


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