This past weekend marked the 6-month point of providing only breastmilk to my little Roni girl, or as I call her my macRONI [DNA confirmed I am 78% of Italian descent so…] I am so proud of myself. It has not been easy, because I am down to making 1 bag of milk a day, but I had enough freezer stash to get me this far. How will I celebrate, you ask? By cutting my remaining milk with formula.

No judgements, but baby girl has to eat, and I just don’t make it like I used to. I have previously stated I will pump until I pump air, which remains true, but supplementing is how I plan to stretch my milk. This is #mymomtruth today. I didn’t mean for my journey to wind down as National Breastfeeding Month also is, but I also can’t help if my timing is impeccable.

Although I am deeply saddened by knowing there will only be a few months left of nursing and pumping, I also am happy to start regaining some alone time. [Editor’s Note: There is no alone time. Alone time ended in 2016, but for the sake of my sanity, let’s allow me to believe I will be able to have some time for myself without an infant or a machine attached to me.] I am also excited that as the days get closer to my breakup with breastfeeding, I can start to drink my favorite licorice mint tea again. If you don’t know, mint is said to lower milk production and help reduce your supply. Maybe one of these weeks I’ll have Ray, Ray make a recipe for some teas!

To wrap up our August Campaign: Real Mom. Real Stories. Real Life., I chose some quotes from our model mothers. For all the other posts you may have missed from this campaign, click here.

And without further ado, I leave you with the best about the breast from our moms.

 “I remember spraying everywhere… right in the beginning, I was overproducing so it was just milk-mania at first!”– Lauren

“I work in construction and I wasn’t going to pump on the job, so I was like, “Yaknow what? Let’s just get him on the bottle, it’ll be easier for [Kim] to transition to feed him at home with our crazy toddler running around.”– Sarah

“There’s nothing like having a nursing baby fall asleep on you. Everything feels at peace in the world.”–Kim

“I’m okay not breastfeeding at this point. I feel so happy that I was able to do it and it was such a beautiful experience, but at the same time I am happy to have my body back.”– Thara

“When they were first born, the amount I had to feed was wild! I was having to feed constantly; I don’t know if it was as much challenging as it was shocking. The time to myself was gone” – Audra

“I have no problem breastfeeding in public. I have an aversion to putting a hood over my baby’s head. I saw the ‘lactation suite’ and thought what has the world come to that we have to hide away and do that? It’s a shame. I’m very happy to nurse in public.”– Narelle

You’re trying to teach yourself and your baby something brand new that you never had to do before. Even if it’s your second or third kid, you still never had to breastfeed that child, so it’s like learning something all over again.”  – Alex

“I’m sure every mom who’s had to pump has her little cups all out and Dad comes home and says, ‘let me help’ and inevitably knocks something over. Oh man, it’s so heartbreaking when you see that and you think NO. I just sat here for so long, and there goes all my hard work! I was literally crying over spilled milk.”– Darlene

“I think that’s the coolest part about being pregnant is you do feel a connection with baby. It’s indescribable almost, but definitely the best feeling, because I just know he’s going to be a momma’s boy.” – Chakari

What’s your story? @motherhoodmaternity #mymomtruths

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