Yes, yes, yes, we know – Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of school. We are so trained to feel this sort of sadness, or at least we are impacted by the transition from season to season. But for those of us who work all year around, and more specifically those of us who work with pregnant women, Labor Day means more than just the Monday off.

Labor Day here is still both the end and start of something. The end of pregnancy marks the start of motherhood. And as our name suggests, Motherhood® loves motherhood. For all of the mamas counting down to their personal labor day, I wanted to provide some sage advice, as well as some suggestions for your hospital bag. I am not the expert in giving birth, but I have done it twice, once within the past 6 months, and I haven’t gotten so far removed that I, “forget what birth is even like”.

MH BLOG Labor Day 2019 model

#1- Comfort is the actual key. I know there is a part of you that is worried what the pictures will look like. But when push comes to shove, quite literally, you’re not going to be thinking about how you look. BUT there are aspects you can control. For starters, we have a labor gown that doubles triples as a pregnancy and nursing dress. It allows access to fetal monitors and an epidural in a snap, again quite literally. There are snaps in the front, back, shoulders and sides for skin-to-skin, IV drips, and breastfeeding. Get yours in black, florals, or gray. If you do wear this for labor and delivery, it probably will need a good washing, so pack 2 more outfits for your hospital stay.

#2- If you plan on nursing, you’ll need the support. This support I speak of is both tangible and then also emotional. On one hand, you should have bras that are made for breastfeeding. If you bought one during pregnancy, it already has the nursing access, so throw that in your bag. You can go topless if you choose, but family, friends, people you speak to once a year but are local, just might come see your baby; you may want the coverage. Also, take the lactation consultant’s advice, or at least hear her out. You may be so drained at that point with doctors and nurses coming in and out, but she is there to help you and make sure baby is getting your milk. Take the support.

#3- Smile… you’re on a not very candid camera. People will be snapping away all willy nilly. Either you have your cell phone out, or someone else will. I was shocked at how the hospital was more than okay with cell phones everywhere. Aren’t they supposed to be the dirtiest things in the world or something? The first thing my nurse said was to get the phone ready to take baby’s first picture. So, dress up, but act casual about it. Maternity or postpartum leggings look put-together with a cute graphic tee or one of our new nursing styles. Ya know, something you just threw in your bag.

MH BLOG Labor Day 2019 gown

Are you due in September? Are you due this week? Is your labor day on Labor Day? Let us know and congratulations! @motherhoodmaternity #mymomtruths

– Daina

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