Hey there September! I used to get so nervous this time of year. First there was the whole going to school after Labor Day thing, and then I was a teacher for a few years. Now, September is my favorite month. In fact, autumn has become my favorite season. The weather is always so pretty and everything in nature is at its ripest before winter. Style is at its best, the streets are clear of kids on bikes, Halloween is almost here. It all falls into place. [See what I did there?]

When I gave birth to Val back in 2016, I returned to work right after Labor Day, so I felt like I had the summer off and then school began. All of those end of summer blues came flooding back to me.  This time I came back the very first day of July, giving me a few months under my belt. In other words, I can really enjoy the end of summer and the start of autumn again.

Going back to work with 2 kids has had its moments. It is hard to get out of the house, twice as hard in fact. It’s been tiring, sometimes isolating, but also oddly refreshing. I work with a lot of my best friends, so I enjoy talking their ears off all day. I am not sure how they feel, but whatever, this is about me! [Editor’s Note: I am going to watch them read this, then wait for them to cringe.]

This month we are all about honoring our working mamas, the ones expecting and the ones who have to return after their maternity leave, well, leaves. Motherhood® Maternity was founded by a pregnant woman who couldn’t find any professional clothing for expectant mothers, so Rebecca Matthias made them herself. And today we are the largest retailer of maternity and nursing clothing.

To honor her and all working moms, those who are raising families, educating the youth, creating art, instructing yoga, earning their degrees, working in healthcare, giving someone a new look, coming up with the next best idea, running to their meeting, sitting in their desk, typing from a coffee shop, or getting the job  done wherever that happens… we have YOUR work wear for anywhere.

Our newest campaign is all about mamas wearing the pants! We will be breaking down our best professional bottoms that would make our founder proud. No worries, we have some career-worthy styles to top them off with too. For boss babes with a bump, and new moms making it work – we’ve got you covered from 9 to 5 and them some.

In case no one has told you lately; I am so proud of you. You are amazing!

Let us keep you posted. @motherhoodmaternity – Daina

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