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Back in the day, the 80s being the day, this company was started because a working pregnant woman could not find professional clothing that fit her and her career. So, Rebecca Matthias created her own expecting styles, and thus the birth of Mothers Work. Now we are called Motherhood® Maternity.

Our September campaign is all about how moms wear the pants, both figuratively and literally. We shot video and photography, capturing real mamas-to-be in our new work pants, and discussing how being pregnant has changed not only their lives, but their workdays too.


Emily is a teacher who works with young children. She has to be both comfortable and professional. She told us that since she is so petite, [I hear ya lady!] she dresses on the more business side of business/casual. We put her in our Cady maternity pants, which are skinny pontes, because she needs the extra stretchy material for getting on the floor with her students!


Leah lives for fashion. Before she changed careers, she had to wear a uniform to work, which she did during her first pregnancy with her son Braylon, 8 years ago. Now that she has more freedom, she has been using her best asset, her bump, to make style waves through her social accounts. Although she doesn’t need to be as professional anymore, we dressed her in our Zelie maternity pants, which comes in both straight and flare leg, because a woman wears many hatsor in this case, pants.


Rachel is a dermatologist who recently opened her own practice! Talk about a mama who wears the pants. This is her first time being pregnant and she is already wondering how her job is going to change once baby comes. She wants to be comfortable, since she is on her feet, and yet also professional because, you knowthe whole doctor thing. We dressed her in our Bella maternity pants, which are made from a buttery smooth fabric. She is wearing seasonal shades of burgundy and olive in our skinniest leg shape.


Abby is a model mama and a model in general! She has a 4-year daughter with the cutest name, Cedar, and is pregnant now with a boy! For her, dressing for work looks very different than our teacher, doctor or office worker. In fact, that freedom may even pose more of an effort. This was her first time wearing maternity pants and she said it was life changing! She couldn’t believe how good they make her feel – how her blood is flowing properly, and she can truly breathe. Oh, and she looks downright amazing in our #1 maternity work pants, The Maia. She modeled them for us in ALL the colors, because when in Rome or a studio in Center City, Philadelphia.


Speaking of The Maia, Laura is dressed in our postpartum version with compression. She is a mama of 2 who is a superhero that still is nursing her 1-year old daughter. Her nine-to-five requires her to look professional, especially as an office administrator. She wishes she knew about our nursing clothing for both of her previous pregnancies, because she did nurse at the shoot in our clothes! The postpartum Maia pants are there to help with post-birth stomach muscle recovery. They kind of tighten everything in for a really smooth and seamless finish. The 4th trimester doesn’t end after 3 months. Mamasbodies work in overdrive, which is why our clothes are there for the long-haul.

Next week I am going to break down the inspiration behind the names of the pants, so stay tuned! Until thensee you on the gram. #mymomtruths @motherhoodmaternity

Yours TRULY,


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