We named our pants. Why? Because why not. This is marketing after all! Actually, we named them to make it easier for our working mamas-in-the-making to shop. Pregnancy can be overwhelming, and we wanted the whole shopping experience to be anything but.

There are 4 core styles of our work pants.

  1. The Maia – These are our #1 work pants made from a super stretchy tech-twill. We like to call them The Mother of All Pants! They come in a sleek, skinny silhouette, as well as a postpartum version with compression. [Please make sure you do not wear the postpartum ones while pregnant, because they are made to help tighten stomach muscles that have stretched from pregnancy and BIRTH!] Maia means “great” and “mother” in Greek, so for all the goddesses out there, this one is named for you. Expect to find this style in your usual suspects of black and navy, but also grey, khaki, white, polka dot, and other seasonal shades!



  1. The Bella – These are as smooth as butter. The silky fabric is stretchy and truly a skinny finish. Bella of course means beautiful in Italian, and we really feel like these versatile pants make every outfit look good. The full-length style creates a flattering fit, and the 5-pockets add something special to an everyday work bottom. Find it in black, but also charming colors like frosted rose, olive and burgundy.


  1. The Cady – This maternity style comes in 2 leg shapes: skinny and bootcut. Both are crafted from Ponte fabric, which is a smooth and stretchy material that features interlocking knit so that they always retain their shape. These are true professional pants, so we wanted to give a nod here to our forefathers foremothers of women’s rights who help make a difference for good in the world!


  1. The Zelie – The bi-stretch material on these pants make them perfect for mamas on the move. Not everyone sits all day at a desk, but even that requires comfort- trust me! The Zelie comes in both a straight leg and flare version. The name is French and it’s cute. Do we need more of a reason? But alas, we do. Zealous sometimes gets a bad rap, but it just means passionate. “Zel” also is derived from the meaning for envy, which we are sure you will be envied when you wear these to work.


That’s all folks. Make sure you send some desk selfies to us @motherhoodmaternity – we would love to see how you wear the pants, bring home the bacon, or fulfill the fruit of your labors [just in case you’re vegan!]

I crack myself up. -Daina

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