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Our sister site, A Pea in the Pod®, is celebrating the work pant this month too. The best-selling professional pair is newly named The Curie. Much like the way we gave monikers to Motherhood’s pants, The Curie was inspired by the history of women wearing pants.  This idea that most of us don’t even think about today was the ultimate power move. In some countries it was [and still] is actually illegal for women to wear pants. Up until 1993, women were banned from wearing pants on our own senate floor. As a girl who grew up in the 90s… that just doesn’t seem that long ago. [Excuse me as I dust off my 31-year-old shoulder.]

APIP ColorBlock WorkPant STORY IG v13.jpg

The pantsuit is something we hear about now and immediately think of it as a power suit. It breaks down whatever stigma was there that perhaps our generation isn’t so aware of. Because we wholeheartedly believe that women wear the pants; take my word that moms really wear the pants and yes if you’re pregnant, you are a mother! You already have begun thinking about your child first, and now are navigating how to dress with bump and then baby. Moms wear the pants.

APIP ColorBlock WorkPant v19

So, this pair is made for our boss babes with a bump. Our Curie is all about looking professional but feeling amazing. We paired our bottoms with color coordinated tops for a monochromatic look. The idea was to keep the styles clean, crisp and eye-catching. Work wear doesn’t have to be drab.

APIP ColorBlock WorkPant v16.jpg

Let’s break down the pant. It’s crafted from a tech-twill, which is both breathable and stretchy, but still structured for a hard day’s work. It features an ankle length, slim silhouette and faux slit front pockets for the ultimate in looking profesh. And, of course, it is complete with the Secret Fit Belly® panel for a fit that does not quit. We love the color ways too: basic black, classic navy, rich burgundy, neutral olive, and the perfect plaid.

APIP ColorBlock WorkPant v113.jpg

Shop it & share it. See you on @motherhoodmaternity

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