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How does Motherhood® bottle up style? By taking the plastic and making something amazing. We know the wave of the future is clothing that you can feel good about, which is why we are dipping into sustainable style, so that our oceans will be there for those babies in your belly to enjoy.

Our newest pieces are crafted from Repreve® fibers, which are recycled materials made from plastic. Motherhood teamed with Repreve® because so far, they have helped recycle 14 billion plastic bottles, and we are so happy to be a part of that number. They take the bottles, sort through them at the recycling facility, wash them and essentially shred them into little flakes.

To simplify it, they take those flakes, blend, melt and then make little pellet like “chips” out of them.  The chips are then made into strands of fiber, but in the way yarn looks. The end result is clothing that is so soft, you look just as good as you feel wearing it. The material is so finely woven, that each piece is impeccably comfortable. The plastic also allows for a unique breathable feel too, which is great for when those pregnancy hormones strike, and you think you’re having an early onset hot flash.

This post is to honor the ultimate mama, Mother Earth, so make sure you do her a solid and check out our newest maternity collection, featuring a super soft sweatshirt, comfy long sleeve tees, and smooth as butter jeans. Oh, and tag us in outfits made with our look good, feel good, do good pregnancy pieces @motherhoodmaternity #mhgoessustainable – see you there, earth angels.

–          Daina

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