There is a day for everything, right? But we are HERE FOR THIS! Not only do I love plaid, because it’s a classic, but man does it look cute on a pregnant belly. Visions of fall family photos fill my head. Somewhere there is a pumpkin patch just waiting for today – the worldwide celebration of plaid!

Come on set with us to the wilds of Wisconsin where there was neither a lack of cheese nor plaid.


Meet Andrea, our model here with her son, Bridger. She’s a life coach and also has a daughter named Montana. [Cute story – she and her husband met in Montana and thus the name stuck!] Our Milwaukee mama helped show off our gorgeous nursing styles while being on set with her actual son, who was actually hungry, in clothing she was actually wearing while feeding him. Thanks plaid poncho. Today is your day.


Do you remember Abby? Our mom to Cedar and baby boy on the way? She was a part of our MAMA WEARS THE PANTS campaign and we were so happy she joined us in Wisconsin with her husband and daughter. Look at her posing away in this pink plaid maternity dress.


You know the old adage… another wrap, another barrel of hay. I want to also introduce you to the puppies. There are 9 of them and they are 6 weeks old and my boss ADOPTED ONE! Be still my heart. Click to shop the plaid style top on Abby and the other multi-wear nursing wrap on Andrea.


P is for plaid, but it’s also for PUPPY!!! Click here to shop this cream, black and hint of yellow and baby blue plaid perfection.


A plaid/sweater duo – check! Puppies – check! Hay bale – check! Wagon – check! Cute kid – check! Somewhere that aforementioned pumpkin patch is crying, because this is the new fall photo op worth posting. [Editor’s note – we want to see it all, wherever you take your plaid images @motherhoodmaternity]

Happy Plaidurday ladies!

Love Your Tartan Clad Gal,



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