Fun fact… that witch in the picture is me. Last year I was pregnant with my little Roni girl. Even more of a fun fact… I was not pregnant in that picture, BUT the following year I actually was and used this on my own Instagram. No one knew the truth, until now. That’s Hollywood baby – or well, South Jersey.

Our lead art director, who is one of the most talented people I know – hey Klaud – hand made that sign. She used a grey board, like the ones you get for school projects, some pipe cleaners, fake webs and of course a spider – voila, the perfect backdrop for a gender reveal photo.

The social team and I took this theme and really ran with it. We found a cauldron and got pink and blue bath bombs. However, my sister in law really did throw me a surprise gender reveal last year and it was all about witches and wizards. [You know the real theme millennials, but let’s keep it generic, so I don’t get sued!]

gender reveal

She filled out cauldron with vinegar and baking soda and food dye ala your volcano for the science fair in fifth grade, so when we threw water on it, it bubbled over with pink perfection. That is our actual reaction. I thought I was having a boy.

Are you revealing this October? We love to see the creative ways to share the news. Hit us up @motherhoodmaternity


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