Too tired to put on a costume? Too big to care? No problem – we got you BOO. [My puns are frighteningly good!] October is here and if you thought I loved September, that love is only surpassed by my adoration for Halloween. As I have gotten older, and Santa has brought me less and less for Christmas, Halloween has taken the prize for favorite holiday. Any chance I get to dress up, I am there. I really hope that just because you are pregnant, you’re not thinking about forgoing a costume.

Let us dress you.

Look how cute our “model” is with her ACTUAL daughter. You may remember Abby and Cedar from our real mom shoot last month. Carved in cuteness, Abby is wearing our pumpkin outfit, which comes with both the maternity tee and striped pants. It’s super stretchy and really soft, made from jersey knit, so you can eat as much candy as baby-in-the-belly can handle.

BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE! [Brace yourself for some truly horrible wordplay]

We’ve got a bone-chilling skeleton costume, a pawsitively adorable mama bear look, a cunningly cozy fox 2-piece outfit, a “Something’s Brewing” witchy look that’s bubbling over with cuteness, a super hero outfit that SAVES you time looking for a costume, a mummy look to wrap you up in something snuggly, a one of a kind unicorn outfit, and a purrfectly easy cat costume. Most of these costumes come in plus too, sizes 1X-3X!

These outfits are super soft. I mean sugar crash on the couch and sleep all night soft. How are you dressing your bump this Halloween? Show & share @motherhoodmaternity  

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