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Two years ago, in a little studio in Florence, NJ, the social media team got crafty. All of these costumes were made by our social media specialist, Erin, who you can see here in a pink wig. Oh, and hey look Ma, I made it! That first picture is your girl rocking a homemade disco ball bump, and the blonde in the glasses is our art director extraordinaire, Klaudia, who I referenced in the wicked good reveal post!

All of these last-minute DIY pregnancy costumes can be done on our side-ruched tee, because it allows stretch and growth for you, but also for the additional glued on pieces. In other words, it gives… give! [There’s a long sleeve version too!]

We took a trip to our local craft store to purchase all the pieces, as well as the fabric glue. The disco ball was made by taking the mirrored squares and creating a spherical shape. I am not sure how Erin did this so perfectly, but she did! She created the circle on a piece of paper first, then one by one glued them on to her canvas, our black maternity shirt.

Utilizing that same technique, Erin glued on colorful pompoms onto a white maternity shirt. This one she did on the tee, then lifted each one to glue, so that she didn’t lose the shape!

The heart eyes emoji costume is notably the easiest and quickest of the looks. All you need is felt, some fabric or craft glue, and a scissor. Know what’s even quicker? One of our Halloween graphic tees – head to your store NOW to get it mama, because you’re cutting it close to the big day!

Happy Halloween
🧡  Daina

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